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I want to go back to college but here's the deal...PLEASE HELP!?

I went for 1 year to college after High School, I didn't really have enough money to stick with it so I couldn't attend my second year. Also, no one advised me on loans, scholarships or grants. I went through life and found my way to NYC and I attended an acting school and racked up $50,000+ in loans. Again an uninformed mistake. Now I have to go back to college so I can teach but I can't afford to take out more loans (I eventually want a house and a family - I am 27). I am trying to research about scholarships and grants but am so overwhelmed about all the information on the internet. Has anyone gone through the same situation? Any good books to read? People I should contact? What did you do? What would you recommend I do? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Wow! Thanks KarmaBaby. We can't all be as smart as you. Just for your information my parents had no clue and my guidance counselor said she couldn't help me (true). I was # 31 out of 589 so I am smart. I was just never warned. And I wanted to go to school so bad I took the loans and had no idea that I would only be paying interest and not principle every month. I didn't even know what principle was. My dilemma is I don't want to get into MORE debt. But thanks for the snotty answer. Looks like you have insecurity issues.

Update 2:

Ok KarmaBaby I know this is probably not worth it but you've struck a cord in me. I am well aware that I have made the mistakes, however I do feel that I lacked guidance at a young age and was left to my own devices. I just don't understand why you feel the need to put me down. Who are you? If you want to give an answer maybe constructive rather than an attack on my character.

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    If I were in your situation, I would look into things like Teach for America, since you want to go into teaching. There are other similar programs, which will pay for you to get your degree if you agree to teach in low-income schools, in various places in the country. I don't know where you are located, so I can't help you with the other programs, which tend to be more local, but I know that they exist.

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    I find it hard to believe you had never heard of student loans. Nearly everyone at college has one. Everyone talks about them...there is no way to NOT hear about them. 50,000 dollars in loans is not an uninformed mistake. You sound like you are not big on taking responsibility for your actions.

    If you are serious about going back to school. Just do it. Many of us do it will working, supporting children, paying a mortgage. You are young and have no kids. No excuse for you. Pick the University you want to go to. Then go to the student funding office. Every University has one. They will advise you. You many have to work full time to pay off your loans while going to school part time. I would suggest you live on campus as its cheaper, and use a bike to get around. You will have minimal bills and will get your loan paid off faster. If you were really really smart you could use your grades to get a scholarship. Good luck.

    Edit*You are welcome. I was just being honest. I gave you some ideas. It sounds like you are pretty sure that the world owes you something. I am sorry you have made some bad decisions so far, but good for you for trying to limit your bad choices now. We all make mistakes, and some of us even blame ourselves, not our parents or guidance counsellors. That is how we grow and learn from our mistakes. If you are really serious on how to find out the information, do what I said and go to the Funding Office at the University. They will help you. Good luck. I think you may need it. I am not sure how you would think that I am insecure, perhaps you need a dictionary?? But thats okay. Once again. Good luck.

    Edit* Sorry. I wasn't going to reply again but you spelled chord wrong. I am not attacking you, I am observing that you seem to be blaming your parents and your guidance counsellor. That is all. I did give you some constructive ideas. But you seem to be a very sensitive young girl. Again, good luck to you. Keep in mind that in life, the things that "strike a chord in you", are often the things you are not willing to look at in yourself. Don't get so upset, its life, not everyone will give you a glowing review. You, like the rest of us, are not perfect. So get over it hun. Its life.

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    Are you working? What do you do for a living? A lot of employers offer tuition reimbursement. If you work there full time, and go to school part-time, your employer will reimburse your tuition up to a certain amount per year, if you get decent grades.

    One of the best ways you can save money on your education is go to community college first. Get your associates degree there for cheap, in the field you plan to teach. Then transfer to a four year school to complete your bachelors.

    Or try to find a bachelors degree granting school, like New Paltz, that offers scholarships to prospective teachers in certain fields. Check out the New Paltz website for details on that.

    Are you still in NYC? If so, then I want to call your attention to the Teacher Academy:

    The link I provided is to the one at Hunter, but there is one at all the four year CUNYs. Free tuition, etc, if you qualify.

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    you know there is a program the government has that will pay that loan off for you if you work for them i believe two years it's the same kind of program for nurses/ doctors if they want there loans payed of by the government. i forgot the name of the program but it's real

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    The book is called The Ultimate Scholarship Book 2009. It will have a list of all the different kinds of scholarships and grants for school, along with how to apply for them.

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