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My Lg Voyager cell phone keeps rebooting itself?

I just got a brand new titanium lg voyager at a store

yesterday; worked fine until today..

when i go to make a call, my phone completely reboots itself.

except when i call my voicemail. i thought id ask why its happening or if its a stupid setting of some sort on here before calling customer service or something.

i went through 4 crappy envs and 4 crappy env2's

and finally got this beautiful brand new phone that i cant call

out on. please help!


My sister had problems with hers before

as well.. and they had to update her

software so hopefully that is it.

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    That's not normal

    - Bring it to a Verizon store a.s.a.p. Have them check it out. Could be a software problem.

    Sorry about your bad luck with phones.

    Source(s): Me - Voyager owner
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    4 years ago

    very advantageous telephone. i like it a ton. I had the LG dare and it broke so i desperate to get the voyager extremely. complete touch demonstrate and key board and nevertheless no longer even all that cumbersome. that's a BEAST! actually advise it!

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