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A friend of mine has been here with me drinking and eating for a while. Earlier we had shellfish and barbecue. 6 hours later, moments after we started drinking whisky and eating crisps (potato chips), he developed an allergic reaction: he went patchy red in the face and itchy. These symptoms also mainly affected his joints (knuckles, knees, testes). His symptoms passed approx 30 mins after manifestation - during which we sought medical assistance but they eased as we were in process. An idea what could have caused them??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It was probably the shellfish. Drinking alcohol releases more histamine in the body and made his shellfish allergy worse.

    The symptoms you are describing is called angioedema. It's similar to hives, except the swelling occurs under the skin.

    I've had it several times in my life and it usually affects my face, lips, throat, groin, knee joints, wrists joints and if its really bad, my stomach causing cramping. In my case, I get joint pain and anxiety like symptoms first. This is because my throat is swelling without me realizing it.

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    I agree with the first answer. Chances are he had begun to actually digest the shellfish, he had an allergic reaction, possibly made worse by the alcohol which does affect the histamines (what cause his reaction).

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