What's up with kasumi's moves?

I play the game dead or alive 4 and as long as i've had it i have notice the something. i've noticed that Kasumi's moves are way different fro om the other nninjasmoves. and it bothers me and i hate to say it but ayane has better moves than kasumi not everything but the majority of her. and i'm just wondering, if kasumi is ssupposeto be the mascot of the game or the most important one, shouldn't her moves be a little better. To me it seems like they didn't even try to spice up her moves. not compared to hayate, ryu and ayane. if you look at how kasumi she flips, and then how ayne flips, you can tell kasumi's flips are really tedious and of lack of skills. it'smade they mmade her seem like a novice and she was the one who was suppose to be the 18th master justknow.I juat think they didn't try as hard as they cold've with her? she was good in doa3. so did anyone else notice the samething and if so; what do you think of it?

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  • 1 decade ago

    personally i don't really care what kasumi moves look like. she has a great luanches and hell of alot damage. but perosnally I prefere helena over any of the ninjas any day.

    Source(s): I own the game too
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