this kid is going to fight me after school today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

This kid is much bigger than me and there is no way for avoinding it. I need serious tips on how to take him down, im 220 lbs. and i play football and he is slow. i have beaten people up before... Can i plllzzzz have some tips on what to do and how to teach him a lession

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    Avoid fighting. When it can't be avoided, its important to get in the first punch and put everything you have behind it. If done well, it will often be the only punch thrown.

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    Ask him why he wants to fight someone smaller than himself, then swiftly duck and come up with a powerful right hook under his chin, then walk away.

    Next time someone tells you they want a fight after school at whatever time etc, just punch them there and then to let them know they they do not decide when the time is right to fight you.

    Good luck, be brave. I hope you don't get into too much trouble for defending yourself. Yes, fighting is wrong, but if someone threatens you, what choice do you have? Sometimes you have just got to be a man about it and sort it out amongst yourselves, quickly and without weapons.

    Hopefully he will back off if you surprise him with your boldness.

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    This is like something that was happening at my school last week. One of my friends had said some less than friendly stuff to a guy whose brother went to a different school, across town. He threatened to take out my friend the second he got out of school.

    We're talking gang members here, so we were all pretty worried for him. Everything got majorly out of control, with all the guys in our group backing him up. Last Thursday these other guys were waiting outside our school during lunch and it all got pretty crazy. The guy they wanted to beat up went up to the school gates and was mouthing off to them, until they brought out switchblades. Then it stopped being even remotely teenage, and just plain dangerous.

    Immediately, me and my friend went straight to teachers. We didn't care at that point about being 'rats' or 'snitches'. This was getting out of hand fast. All the senior staff came out straight away and lined the front of the school, so none of them could get in. The police were called in and they were taken away. The boy's mother was called and he was kept in a room for his safety until she arrived to take him straight home.

    My advice to you is to do the same. Tell a teacher you like or trust. They can prevent this from happening. Hell, if he's going to beat you up, that's assault. You can call the police.

    Of course, remember, try not to let it get round. By the next day there were rumors circulating that one of the teachers involved had been stabbed in the stomach then shot. Of course it was ridiculous as he was at school and we all got a pretty got laugh out of it.

    Good luck to you.

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    Violence is never the answer, you should try to talk to him and find out why he wants to fight you, if he doesn't want to talk, then you need to find a way of avoiding him. If he does start a fight you should be able to defend yourself, but without trying to "teach him a lesson". Good Luck

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    It's not your job to teach anybody a "lesson". Just walk away. If he comes after you, run. If he catches you, kick him in the balls. You have a right to protect yourself and ensure your safety, but fighting just to protect your "honor" is stupid and will only get you in more trouble.

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    Are you serious, walk with a group of people that are around your same size and look hard!

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    aim for the stomach, not the chest or the head, that can hurt your fist, also the neck is a good area to hit if you want to hurt them bad, one strike to the neck and they go down.

    alos, keep your balls covered

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    I agree with 'logic316'. If he comes after you, after you have already walked away, then fight dirty...kick him in the balls or polk him in the eyes.

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    Honestly you are in school.. Tell your favorite teacher what's up. There for you can't get into trouble for it. Don't hit him first. Let him hit you. I know it sounds dumb. But probably your best bet!

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    Why are you on here during school hours?

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