how to quit an all right job?

i recently moved to a new town which ment i was obligated to leave my hair dressing job at a salon i loved. so when i was researching salons in my new town i walked in and thought id done my research and decided on a high end place that i thought would benefit me with there education program and so i worked really hard to get this job. they wernt looking for anyone though and im a fairly new stylist so i tryed and tryed and they finally gave it to me... so now like 2 months later i really dont like it at all, the people are not friendly and there rude about clients when there not looking and there out look on how a salon should be run isnt my idea of a good functional salon. ...

so my point is after all this and all my effort and all the things i promised my boss about how im a good employee who is looking for a permanent career , i cant just change my mind out of nowhere and just quit, i sorta dug myself a hole and i want to leave on a good note HELLLP!

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    Make sure you have another job offer first if you need to work.. Then talk to your boss and let them know that you don't think that the salon is the right place for you at this time and you will pursue other opportunities. Leave on a good note.

    Source(s): HR Director for major corporation
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    Umm you could lie and say that you're moving back to your hometown and are very sorry that you'll have to leave, that you really loved the job. Or you could just flat out tell them that their business is not what you were expecting, thank them for the opportunity, and quit. Or you could just stop showing up and find a new job, that way you won't have to face anyone?

  • Tell them you're moving again.

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