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Does anyone own a Panasonic DMC-FS5A? Any opinions of other compact panasonics? thanks...?

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    I am on my second Panasonic but it isn't the FS5A. I like Panasonic, especially for value.

    I think that is a good one, even better the the slightly more expensive

    There is the next model up (FS20) but I think the FS5 is actually better since the FS20's main advantage is the 3" display, which means it is slightly bigger and will have slightly less battery life.

    The next, next, model up (FX37) would be the good choice if really value the higher resolution movies you can take with it, plus you get:

    even wider lens (25mm),

    it is a tiny bit smaller than the FS20.

    Good luck.

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    It's good, especially with the 10mp.

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