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has anyone learned the hard way its better to keep to yourself in an apartment building?

I used to be the type of person if a neighbour saw me i would stop and tell them where i just came from, they would ask more questions, I would be talking an hour. Having neighbours knocking on my door, etc.

In my apartment building theres 30 units, all the new people who move din wont even make eye contact with me let alone say "hello"/

I figured maybe they have the right idea, but i think its rude to walk right by your neighbour and make believe u dont see them, at least nod or give a smile.

Myself i just say hello now, the same neighbours who used to stop for me an hour, i smile and say "hi", then thry try and ask questions, i say "sorry im in a rush,".. Most of them hate me now and dont even look at me. They wont accept that i just say hi now and dont want to engage in conversations..

DO you think its best to keep to yourself and maintain your privacy?

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    I'd like to live in an apartment and keep my privacy. I'm a quiet person anyway.

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    I am in general a quiet person so on the whole i keep myself to myself when concerning neighbours, but i have in past built up good relationships with some of them and it is nice to talk etc. just not go into personal detail. I always smile at people and say "alright" unless im in a crap mood then everyone can piss off lol

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    Crap, there is no way I could ever live in an apartment! My closest neighbor now is just shy of a mile away from me, and that's too close! For a short time, I did live in town, and I hated it. I would never go outside, because there were always people walking past my house. Drove me nuts!

    So, yeah, I'd say it's best to keep to yourself.

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    Oh yeah! My last apartments I lived in I made acquaintances with this couple across the hall and their young daughter. Well they would be over all the time asking to borrow stuff, sometimes I would see the daughter outside playing by herself and she'd want to come over and play with me. I think they neglected her a little, how can you say no to that. They always know when your home because they saw you come in, see your car, etc. I'm a private person and not a huge talker so in my new complex I stick to hi.

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  • Anonymous
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    I live in my Mom's basement.

    I haven't seen the sun in three years.

    You have the right idea

    People are evil and want to take my light

    Except for my Mom

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    Yes :) this way we dont have to be disapointed in the long run of how nasty people are....... For one reason or another every one wants you to go according to their pace not yours......

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