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Would a Libra & Gemini be a good match?

I'm the female libra, he is the gemini.

Do the have similar characteristics etc?

What sort of things would they clash on?


I'm the first too!

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    Yes they are an awesome match my Mama is a Libra (October 17 and Daddy is a Gemini (June 15th). They have been married almost 27 years....and are super happy. They are best friends too!

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    I study astrology deeply, and this could be a good match depending on what you are looking for. But I will say their are differences in tempers Libra is mellow, and thougthful. Gemini's gets bored quickly, and is very unpredictable. Sometimes Gemini's put themselves, and the people around them in danger being that they react before thinking saying the first thing that comes to mind. This sign lives to express themselves nobody could truly control them. Their mouths causes them to get into alot of trouble which sometimes causes drama, and violence. Where as Libra is always considering people's feelings Gemini's are entirely different very sarcastic. Gemini love to argue with you even though they know you maybe right they use their aggressive mouths to stay in power. What you both share in common is that you are both sociable, love ideas, love to travel, and you both love to talk. If you want a relationship to be smooth don't try Gemini's but if you want adventure they are your perfect match.

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    yeah, its what they actually call a perfect match.

    of course there is no such thing as perfect but these to signs get along better than ani other sign. Im virgo and my husband is gemini, he is a tough cookie. I cant say much of libra girls, because Ive never met one, but I know libra guys who are balanced and very flexible people, they are stable, thats of course until some unbalance them and libras can get snappy, but Ive never seen a violent libra, they try to be neutral and gemini in the other had is kinda airy and wild, not changable but can be flexible when they want to. I wont say they would clash on as much, but peoblably of they do, it would be when they have too much of each other and need a little brake to smooth things out as partners but that happens in all relationships.

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    .................Gemini - Libra Compatibility Geminians and Librans have a gregarious nature. A Libran is tremendously thoughtful toward family. This is without doubt one of the strengths of this love fit. They are more likely to agree on each and every and the whole thing. The knowledge which they proportion leaves no room for phrases among them. A Geminian shall be soaking wet within the deep ardour of a Libran. Boredom will not ever encroach upon the compatibility of this love fit as either one of them are incredibly highbrow. Compatibility of Gemini Man and Libra Woman This love fit is an excellent one at the astrology chart seeing that in their powerful chemistry. The compatibility of this love fit comes from her ardour and regular ought to be balanced. She shall be attracted through his outgoing nature with the intention to gel good along with her gregarious nature. He will draw in her together with his conversational knowledge and adventurous persona. The most effective hitch on this dating is they each could have main issue taking selections. Compatibility of Gemini Woman and Libra Man This love fit stocks the characteristics of being very ingenious. Gemini Woman may be very sociable and Libra Man is wild. He is full of ardour and his romantic nature clearly amuses her. The force of the compatibility among a Gemini girl and Libra guy comes from the truth that they recognize each and every different's freedom and not ever get too clingy. The most effective factor which this love fit demands to do is to keep an eye on the money division as each are very liberal at spending cash.

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    yes since you both are on the same level and it's obvious from the start

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    duh! me libra guy...girl...gemini.....but it dosent matter. libra, aquarius and gemini fall under the same element of air. they think alike and socialise well. charming relation.....avoid being jealous of him at times will happen but dont be.thats all really.

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