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I have a on going pain in my uterus/lower abdomen area?

I've been getting this pain below my stomach like in my private area... it's a pain that is bothersome...ive had this for like 4 days now... 2 days ago i wasn'tt able to pee much now that im drinking a lot of water i am able to pee and frequently pee...this morning i think i was a little constipated .. im scared to go to the doctor cause i dont want him saying i need surgery or anything like that ... could i have some imflamation somewhere?? could it be a bladder infection .... what should i do ... im scared

please help.

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    It sounds like it could be a urinary tract infection or ovarian cyst rupture. You can buy a home test like Azo UTI test strips to see if you do have a UTI. If you do, you have to contact your doctor for antibiotics. As for a possible cysts, you can take inflammatory medicine like Mortin, and some pain meds to help reduce the pain. Take a lot of rest. If the pain persists more than 3 days from now or get worse, call your doctor. Hope this helps.

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    An early ectopic being pregnant can typically be dealt with with an injection of methotrexate, which dissolves the fertilized egg and enables your frame to reabsorb it. This nonsurgical system minimizes scarring of your pelvic organs. If the being pregnant is extra alongside, you can most likely want surgical procedure to take away the irregular being pregnant. In the beyond, this was once a important operation, requiring standard anesthesia and a huge incision around the pelvic subject. This would possibly nonetheless be fundamental in circumstances of emergency or wide inside damage. However, the being pregnant would possibly typically be eliminated making use of laparoscopy, a much less invasive surgical process. The health practitioner makes a small incision within the reduce stomach after which inserts a laparoscope. This lengthy, hole tube with a lighted finish enables the medical professional to view inside organs and insert different devices as wanted. Sometimes, a moment small stomach incision is made for the devices. The ectopic being pregnant is then surgically eliminated and any broken organs are repaired or eliminated. General or local anesthesia can be utilized. Whatever your medication, the medical professional will desire to look you generally later on to be certain your hCG stages go back to 0. This would possibly take as much as 12 weeks. An multiplied hCG would imply that a few ectopic tissue was once ignored. This tissue would possibly must be eliminated making use of methotrexate or further surgical procedure.

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    If it hurts when you pee it could be a UTI infection. Don't be afraid of asking a doctor for help. If you don't, you can't get better. A doctor will always try to use medicine first before resorting to any surgery.

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    its ok u need to go to the doctor if u need surgery then its a big problem but if not thenit should go away eventually

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