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With a fixed income and very limited budget would it be wise to invest in the stock market soon?

I am getting up in age with a disability and no savings.

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    The stock market is probably not for you. However, if you want to invest, I suggest no load mutual funds or Sharebuilder. With Sharebuilder you can invest a small amount each month with a fee as low as $4. I put a link to their site below.

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    The value of stocks goes up and down. Currently, even the best and most stable stocks are selling at a greatly reduced price. It is impossible to guarantee that any stock will go up in price. At the moment, many stocks that seemed to be 'bullet-proof'' have dropped in price and the companies are struggling and asking for handouts. For example, Citigroup. Therefore, do not invest any money that you cannot afford to lose.

    It would be wise to invest in guaranteed funds, such as those that are guaranteed by the government. This would include government bonds. The return on your investment would be smaller but it appears that in your situation you would not have to worry about paying income tax on your income so your returns would be profit.

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    Its an exciting question. As youthful as you're, if the inventory marketplace tanks, you would haven't any problem coming back from any losses. besides the indisputable fact that the marketplace is really intense good this second. There are annoying signs and indicators on the horizon so it would want to tank quickly. of direction it extremely relies upon on making the right funding determination because regardless of if the marketplace as an finished is going down, some stocks will be going up. then you definitely have overseas stocks to guage--and if the cost of the dollar is going down (which a lot of forecasters anticipate) then the cost of overseas holdings immediately is going up. finally, you and also you on my own ought to make the decision. as with each investments, its perfect no longer to positioned all of your eggs in a unmarried basket. spread it round. some human beings like gold, or different commodities. some human beings like the safe practices of federally insured money owed. you would possibly want to do 1/2 in an favourite insured economic agency account and 1/2 in stocks. yet analyze your stocks!

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    The stock market will probably continue to fall for the rest of the year due to tax write offs. In about a month, I would sign up for a brokerage account with E*Trade. With your budget, this might be a good mutual fund for you:

    This mutual fund is ideally for the person who is retiring in 2030. The fund manager has most of the money in stocks. It is very well diversified. As it gets closer and closer to 2030, the fund manager will put more money into bonds. I am invested in this fund with just my general investment account. I can sell this at any time without a penalty.

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    No !! The stock market is too risky for you.

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