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30 year old man child won't return a video game?

It's exactly as it sounds. I have been with this guy for 5 years and we split because I can't stand his immaturity. I just found out that he rented a video game on my account and is purposely holding it to rack up late fees.

The guy is seriously so messed up in the head that he drives past the video store every day and won't return it on the way to work.

What the heck can I do? Sue? Break into his house and get it myself? This is unreal.


Also, he told me a week ago he returned it. Lied to my face.

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    Do not refer to him as a 'man.'

    That just insults us real men out here.

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    Just proves guys mature MUCH slower then women. No great surprise here. In his defense tho I want to point out most well developed mens brains have a hard time with remembering the small things to grab before they leave the house. His good intentions may be there but he really does forget. Fact of men. This is one of the reasons men need a woman.

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    Go to the store and explain the situation...essentially, your ex-boyfriend has stolen the game from them. Offer to pay the replacement cost of the game (probably about $50), then cancel your membership with them (if you have not already done so).

    Yea, it sucks, and no, you shouldn't be responsible for it, but it's better to take the high road and not have to deal with him any more than to keep getting reminder calls about what a loser you wasted 5 years of your life with.

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    Pay the lost fees . Tell him with generosity that you did it for him. Consider it money spent on serenity and let it go. That way he won't be pushing buttons like he wants. When you get ticked about it just remember you spent money to gain serenity.

    An old roommate did that with a phone bill. I won't forget it but when I called and told him I was paying it as a gift I quit running around in my own life ticked about it. It was so worth it, life is too short!

    He is messed up but you don't have to participate in it. He is very small minded, respond as the bigger person.

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    Pay for the damned game and consider it a small price to pay in order to be rid of this jerk.

    Who cares if it's not fair. It's a lot less hassle than breaking the law and trying to sue him. Close the door on this bad relationship and keep it closed.

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    Just go to the video game store and tell them your "ex" has the game and won't return it (and you would like to go ahead and pay for the cost of the game). Ya it sucks but its not worth it to sue and breaking into his house can get you into trouble.

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    Just go to the video store and pay the cost of the game. Seriously, you can't put a price on getting this loser out of your life.

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    My hubby performs his xbox and poker video games. we are the two 32 and have 2 youngsters. i do no longer strategies him taking part in as long as he places us first, and has dinner first. He and that i the two was EQ addicts for the longest time, yet existence takes over and there is not any time for that. i flow relating to the abode and doing the on a daily basis ordinary, and that i do no longer strategies him taking part in purely as a thank you to unwind, and as long because it would not get interior the way of family contributors. I understand he needs to unwind after working stressful all day. If he unwinds until 2am, that's him which will sense drained the subsequent morning. from time to time our childrens play with him on xbox, yet they are 6 and 10 a million/2.

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    He's stupid, so this should be easy. Talk to him about it again. "I checked the video store, they said you didn't return the game." Get a small recorder, and record his answer. Then, later, tell him that you will take him to small claims court if he doesn't return it and tell him you recorded the conversation. Either way, he will be responsible for it! Good luck!

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    How in the hell did he rent a game on YOUR account in the first place unless it was you that actually rented it for him. If not then thats the fault of the clerk on duty for allowing him to use your card to rent said game.If thats the case all you have to do is ask to speak to the management and explain you situation.

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    Pay for the game at the video store. Never give your video card to a boyfriend again. He just wants to continue the drama and keep you angry.

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