Which phone is better, Samsung Rant, LG Rumor, or LG Lotus?

Is one better than the other for not dropping calls, texting, and/or ease of use? Trying to decide for my 23 year old daughter. Thanks.

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    1 decade ago
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    LG Rumor NO! when i got it, it froze first day! When you flip to the keyboard it makes an annoying sound that you can shut off! The backlight stays on for like 10 sec! Bad phone!!!

    LG Rant maybe? It does freeze at times and gets annoying but isn't as bad as you think. It goes really slow at times but i got used to it. It doesn't make annoying sound when you flip it! this phone may be the one!!!

    LG Lotus maybe? The keyboard is small so its kind of a challenge to text. It dosent make a annoying sound when you flip it and it goes faster then the other 2. The phone is well made if you drop it, it dosent freeze up or do anything bad! This may be the phone your looking for!!!

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    4 years ago

    i could pass with the Lotus. It has the main reminiscence, GPS, a information superhighway browser, a qwerty keyboard, a micro sd card, emailing, a incredible music participant and a incredible digital camera with video.The Rumor 2 has GPS alongside with the Rant. It additionally has changeable faceplates that's large for personalisation. a information superhighway browser that's additionally interior the rant. A qwerty keyboard that's additionally interior the rant. A reminiscence card slot that's additionally interior the Rant. there is likewise emailing. A music participant that's additionally interior the rant. The digital camera isn't ok. even with the undeniable fact that it additionally does not have a video digital camera that's interior the Rant and locus.

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