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Gays:would you think its discriminating if someone wanted to marry there dog of the same sex?

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    marriage means consummation,and not sodomy,and not fingering as in 2 female gay couple.

    through cosummation one gets pregnant,where as in their case none gets pregnant,therefore they are asking for would be an insult to children adopted by them and it would be permenant psycological scar in their minds, as they would compare their parents with other normal parents consisting of man and a woman .

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    Dogs cannot enter into marriage because it is a contract. Only humans who are of sound mind and body can enter a contract.

    it's not discrimination, it's legal definitions. I do not think you could even civil unionize with a dog.

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    I'm not gay, but I just have to ask. How is it that you don't get that, when talking about gay marriage, we're talking about consenting adults? We're not talking about children, or animals, or people who are in a persistent vegetative state. Consenting......adults! Anything that goes on between _consenting_adults_ is and ought to be nobody's business but their own. Is that too difficult a concept for you? Suppose I walked into your bedroom while you were doing whatever, sick, disgusting things you do, with whomever you do them with, and told you "No, no, no, you're doing it all wrong! Keep that up and, when you die, you'll boil for eternity in the FSM's holy pasta pot". Wouldn't you think that I was sticking my nose in where it had no business being? Can you see that that's exactly what you're doing?

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