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England skipped the training, is it a good strategy? ?

Do you think its good idea to skip the training when you trail the series by 4-0. What would be the result of 5th ODI?

Update 2:

Did England give up

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    Well if they are 4-0 after training, might as well do something different!

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    Yeah i heard about this, and i'm glad someone asked about it.

    Owais Shah said "Missing one day of training won't suddenly mean we all forget how to play" and that's absolutely right, sometimes there is such a thing as overdoing it, England have to make sure they don't burn-out there players.

    England's tactics in the series have been woefull and they need to sort them out. A group decision between all the team, the captain and the staff should give the England side renewed confidence heading into tomorrow's game. I presume the England boys would have discussed the tactics and sorted there heads out, and then relaxed for the rest of the day, which i believe will do them the world of good.

    It's good for the players.

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    I remember in 2001, Pakistan were due to play a Test match against England at Old Trafford, one down in the series with one to play.

    They prepared for it by having a day out at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, having a jolly good time on the dodgems and rollercoasters.

    Guess what? They won the Test.

    Sometimes teams need to do something a little different. Train, train, train. The monotony of it. The players know how to play, running laps round a ground and having a net practice won't teach them anything new.

    Perhaps getting them in a more relaxed mood could work wonders.

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    They trail the series by 4-0? And they are going to have a 5th game? What for? To see if the series can be one any more than it has been already?

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    It is a good thing. The players need a break and hopefully come back fresh with a clear mind and play more freely. They are proffessional cricketers, one missed training session won't make a difference, but some time off will do them the world of good, or so we hope.

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    Rugby match instead of practice,what is the strategy of Pieterson and company for fifth ODI?

    We need a highly qualified detective.LOL

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    lol.... Kevin might thought that since they lost the series they no need practice and left the side for mere luck of winning the remaining games.

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    may be it will work

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    YES ! i can be good.. but look like its not

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    its a bad ploy i guess


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