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If I were to take Muay Thai would I gain muscle at all or get stronger?

I'm looking for a martial art that I can learn that can also give me a good body work out

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    not gonna gain muscle... will make existing muscle stronger, but wont bulk up whatsoever. Muay Thai is all about conditioning, flexibility, etc.... not about bulkiness or strength.

    A better martial art for those who are looking to bulk up, or better yet, for bulkier people to practice would be Russian Sambo or Judo or something more body weight related.

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    The amount of muscle you gain or lose is really dependent on your body type, genetics, workout routine etc. Some people develop lean muscle and tremendous vascularity in no time. Others may take much longer. A good muay Thai workout will burn through a lot, even muscle. That's why careful dieting and recovery is essential. Strength will come naturally as your body becomes accustomed to new routines and stresses.

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    Well if you are watching to get buff, then Muay Thai coaching is not sensible. Typically Muay Thai opponents are slim, gentle, bendy and agile. While it could you tone and there may be force coaching, they do not expand a enormous muscular construct. It you're doing it for beauty intent to get buff, then Muay Thai in general is not sensible due to the fact that it does not depend plenty on weight coaching, however frame coaching- like push ups, pull ups, jogging, calisthenics and many others.. . But if you're watching to get tone and in form, this can be a fine application in an effort to additionally coach you bodily health, subject, flexibility and agility. It can even get you have compatibility very rapid if you're dedicated to the application, now not even though you're watching to get into form to battle, however only for bodily health. In the top, it simply relies are you watching to seem buff or simply in form?

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    You will get stronger, not nearly as much as you would weight lifting, but you'll also get flexibility, agility and quickness so it depends what you are looking for. It's definitely a work out.

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    you might gain muscle but you will definately become stronger.

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