PARROT/BIRD disinfect certain soap?

Im in need of a Soap that could clean disinfect a branch or even toys, im needing to disinfect and clean outside branch's and use it as a perch. post the links here.


Are you serious? reguler dishwashing soap?? i hope you know parrots chew things,

well what i was gonna do is get some big branchs and scrap off the bark and fill the tub up with water and rinse them their but need to know of special soap.

Update 2:

Again to mama, What kind of bleach? all i get when i type in bleach is anime cartoons and games please include what type???

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    I work in an aviary, plus I am studying for my vet degree, which I will have in May. Using plain dish washing liquid will not disinfect. We use, (as do most vets, and aviaries) a solution of bleach and water. 6 oz of bleach to a gallon of water. Let the branches soak in the solution for at least 10 min and let air dry completely. After it dries, the bleach is not harmful. Scraping off the bark is a very good idea, since there are bugs and bacteria that live underneath it. We use this solution every day, even to disinfect the containers that we keep newly hatched chicks in. We also disinfect all of our cages this way....clean off an poop or visible dirt first, then disinfect with the bleach solution. There is also a disinfecting cleaner that we use for special things, like keeping our feeding syringes in, but it is extremely expensive and hard to get. It is called Parvo-Lan 128. It has to be rinsed off, it can be dangerous if ingested. It kills every kind of germ or virus imaginable, except for the Hepatitis virus...only full strength bleach will kill that. The bleach solution is very safe and will kill most anything too, but it is much cheaper and easy to come by. Just make sure you let the branches dry completely before using. Also be sure that the branches that you are giving your birds are bird safe, and not of the poisonous variety. Please read my profile.....


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    Throw it away or rinse the cleansing soap off with elementary water. contained in the destiny, get your self liquid cleansing soap. That way you do not ever ought to pressure about the heebee geebees getting you. FYI: Be satisfied suggested human being a minimum of used cleansing soap!!!

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    I have a cockateil I just use warm soap and water. Dish washing soap is fine it come cleans!

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