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I am going to have a chorkie puppie and i have some questions i need to ask ???

Ok i am going to own a chorkie puppie and i had some questions but first let me tell you how i got them before you breeder people get mad.

I got them from my cousin which has a female Chihuahua and his neighbor has to yorkies boy and girl but the girl yorkie didnt want the boy so in a month or two they found out that the boy was having pups with my cousins chihuahua so they didnt breed on purpose ok...ok

well my question is what food will i give them and jus how to take care of them?


thank you for answering my question whoever is the third person that commented. i am not a big dog person so i dont know the difference Mutt chorkie samething so forgive me. You just have to answer the questions not get all offended

Update 2:

listen they didnt breed on purpose they didnt know the were going to have puppys they had no clue ok they are just neighbors with dogs so they let them play around with each other but they never saw the dogs mate

iam not going to pay for the puppy and he is not going to sell the puppys to anyone ok GET IT

I feel like i should have never asked this questions because people get to offended

Update 3:

Pamela are you retarded the chihuahua had the puppys

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    I'm still "mad". Why? Because your cousin and her neighbor have two unfixed dogs that are NOT breeding quality that they allowed to mate.

    Because of this, there are now more low quality mutts out there that they are selling to idiots who think that "oops" litters are ok.

    Sorry, but I would not buy a dog like this. You are paying your cousin to have more puppies with her chihuahua and to continue her immoral and disgusting hobby.

    How to take care of a puppy (not puppie)? For this one, you'll need lots and lots of money. Puppies from 'breeders' like this are typically loaded with SEVERE health problems that costs tons of money as the pup ages.

    And poor quality dogs also usually have pretty severe behavioural problems. Meaning lots of separation anxiety, potty problems, aggression, etc. Have money to never have to work or go to college, for new carpet every few years, and for lawsuits if the dog bites the neighbor kid?

    Are you sure this is what you want to get into?

  • 1 decade ago it's a Mutt that was an "Accident" instead of being bred on purpose for money...It's still not a "Chorkie", there's no such thing...It's a Chihuahua/Yorkshire Terrier Mix.

    Canidae All Life Stages is a great food and you'll never have to change foods - It's great for dogs of all ages, from Puppy through their Senior Years.

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    WOW that's incredible most ppl have boys or girls when they have babies. Ah just what type of baby is a chorkie.

    Man you don't have the slightest idea what you are talking you are having a chorkie and boys have puppies.

    OMG i cant go on i smell a troll

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    If you go to any food store you can find "Puppy Food" and as to caring for them just make sure that they are warm, cuddled,and fresh water and food every day and given plenty of playtime fun.

    Good Luck!

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    wait and get a healthy well bred pup

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