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My friend was kicked in the head (the temple area) very forcefully (it was an accident)?

She lost consciousness briefly and immediately had bad pain in her head. It has been three days since the incident and she still has a bad headache. Should she still go to the ER or is she fine since it has been so many days? Thanks for your help.

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    ER immediately. Head trauma needs to be examined by a medical professional, especially with post-event symptoms like headaches.

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    Back in September a teacher at my school died from falling off a ladder in July. He had no symptoms, but had hit his head lightly 2 other time in the span from july to september. When lying in bed before going to sleep he went into a coma and never woke up.

    This was due to a brain bleed that hadn't been detected because he did not go to the doctor.

    Tell her to go, no matter how long ago it was... especially since the temple is such a sensitive area.

    Good luck, best wishes!


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    Any injury to the head should be immediately checked out by a doc. Waiting 3 days to even ask this question is, dare I say, not the brightest thing you've ever done.

  • Yes she could develope a blood clot and or worse,

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    could still die

    may be a bleed

    go to dr

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