if someone with HIV masterbated with clothes on and didnt change them is it possible HIV could be spread?

i have an aweful fear of HIV/AIDS. i have OCD and anxiety disorder and i live in fear. sometimes i cant even eat or drink because i am to afraid. i cant touch things in my own house. i have a brother who masterbates on the computer.... which aboslutley grosses me out to no end. i am 18 by the way and i told my mom that if he were to stop my fear my panicing my ocd all of it that is deterimental to my health will all go away, but she asks him about it and of course he lies. my mom doesnt belive me even though i know he is. know. this has caused me to live in fear, he does it and washes his hands after but doesnt change his clothes. i feel like if he has HIV and he goes downstairs and his pants touch something shortly after and God forbid someone in my family touched it or touched the computer after they would contract it. i am freaking out this has been happening for months and i think he is sexually active which makes me even more nervous. he is a good kid but a slob in general hes 16. im wondering if me or my family are in any danger because of his actions? if he walks aroudn with the... stuff on his pants or something and someone brushes up against it or touches it or touches something he touched is it possible to get it. please.. i am having a horrible time coping. i feel like a prisoner. i have a serious case of ocd and anxiety and am on anti depressants because of it. this is only part of it but it is the worst part. please help me. is it possible for me or my family to get HIV this way if he has it??

thank you for your help. God bless all of you.

( the computer is not in his room, its in a different room a seperate small room off to the side i refuse to go in now im to afraid and panic at the meer thought.)


he watches porn and is fully clothed because people can walk by and see him. i am horrified. if he gets anything on his clothes and he never changes them after, and i feel this leaves my family and i at risk.

could this happen please help me.

Update 2:

i dont know if he has it or not... thats part of my worry. im not saying he does its a hypotehtical

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    There is no way for him to transmit HIV (assuming he even has HIV) from the activities you describe.

    HIV is not transmitted in that way. At all.

    He could masturbate in your hand and you still wouldn't get it.

    The problem here, I think you may agree, is with your irrational fears. I know a few people who suffer from an irrational fear of contagion. Some have benefited from counseling with a knowledgeable therapist, and some have found medications helpful. Some have done both.

    Living in fear is no way to live. I urge you to get some help. This isn't anyone's fault, least of all yours.

    I strongly urge you to leave your brother alone, though. Virtually everyone masturbates and bringing it up with your family only serves to humiliate your brother. His actions are normal and harmless.

    Good luck

    Source(s): HIV/STI Prevention and Outreach Educator x 6 years
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    No. You cannot get HIV from clothing. You would basically have to have sex with your brother (yuck!!) or share a needle with him to get HIV from him and that is assuming he is positive. I work with HIV patients in the hospital, I shake hands with them, hug them. You can not get HIV from just being in contact with someone who has the disease, even if they don't wash their clothes or hands.

    Your brother's behavior really isn't your problem, and I am sure you know that. Your OCD is taking over some of your rational thought. I am glad you are on medications. I encourage you to seek behavioral or cognitive therapy of some sort. The combination of therapy and medication is more effective in treating OCD than either alone. Talk to your doctor about it.

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    It's impossible, even when your bro uses the keyboard, VIH can be spread, neither clothes. It has to have some kind of sex and interchanging of fluids. Be relax, my friend. You can touch everything and you don't have any risk for infection as VIH. Only blood or semen or vaginal secretions can do.

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    HIV is a mystery disease kindov like immaculate conception -It just happens ! .Real, but there is only one prevention ....Don't have sex*

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  • 1 decade ago

    hiv cannot live outside the human body. it can only be tranfered throught exchange of blood, sweat, tears, or if anything gets inside you're blood stream but if its on a toilet seat, or clothing, then you won't catch, since HIV needs a host to live.

  • Anonymous
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    No, you're safe. But, how did he get it? Hmm. If he was born with it, and you'e older.......Do either of your parents have it? It can only be spread by blood, or some type of fluid in contact with the blood stream. Not semen or saliva.

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