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Are you cutting back in these hard economic times?

How are you cutting back? What are you guys doing? Thanks.


thanks "eskie lover" for expanding on your answer, that is great advice.

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    I've been a tightwad my entire life and even I am saving more money where ever I can. I only buy meat, dairy and produce on sale. During the summer, I grew my own veggies, herbs, citrus and avocado. Some I exchanged with neighbors who grew other things when I and they over produced. Some I froze and will use throughout the winter. I usually find that buying store brands saves me more money than using coupons. I am not eating out near as much as I used to and when I do, I use a bogo (buy one, get one free) coupon. No more gourmet coffee for me, the store brand suffices. No more department store beauty products, the drug store ones work fine. I made hubby get out there and check the caulking and weatherstripping around all of the doors, windows, pipes and vents entering the house to retain heat. I also find it cheaper to heat my home with wood fires in my insert and use space heaters than to run my central gas heater. I unplug every electrical appliance I have when it is not in use so that it doesn't become a vampire. By morphing meals, I get at least 3 uses out of the main ingredients. If I roast a chicken, I save the leftovers and make chicken alfredo and pasta for another meal and take the remaining leftovers for chicken soup another. Nutritionist Robin Miller on the FoodNetwork has wonderful recipies on the site that make it easy to stretch your food dollar.

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    I try to buy less unnecessary items and go less places. I have always been a deal shopper. I also like to use coupons. My biggest money saver is to do the research to get the best deal. A little time pays off big in the wallet.

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    Hell no. I just bought a black Lincoln LS V8 Sport Sedan on rims, a new pair of polarized Oakley's, flew to Michigan last weekend to go drinking with a friend...I'm just balling out of control. Low consumer and gas prices keep me balling even more-so out of control.

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    Yes. Not spending on wasteful things.

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    hard times?

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