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Whatever happened to Ben Affleck?

Its like he just dissappeared off the face of the easrth since Armageddon, with exception of Hollywoodland in 2006 and ok, Gone Baby Gone.........but surely he was once destined to be the "teenage hearthrob" shall we say that DiCaprio once was, no?

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    he has probably spent more time at home with his daughter and wife!

    but he is in the new movie "he is just not that into you"

    based off the book

    looks like another romantic comedy!

    looks good!

    hope that helps!

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    He has 3 films coming out next year.

    On June 23, 2008, he appeared in an ABC News exclusive exploring the humanitarian crisis in Congo. Affleck travelled to Congo and interviewed refugees, warlords, and members of parliament. "I think the more painful something is, the more you want to distance yourself from it," Affleck said. "I think the hard part is actually to let some of that go and to realize that when you see some of these images of people suffering in some way or another, to kind of remember that these are people who are in fact just in different circumstance than you are, but that are kind of dealing with [those circumstances] in a pretty brave and enduring way."

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    I think after marrying Jennifer Garner, he has settled down a bit.

    With the success of Gone Baby Gone, he'll probably want to continue directing instead of acting. Which in my opinion, is the better decision on his part.

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