Will President Bush issue preemptive pardons before leaving office?

Several ongoing Congressional investigations target either members of Bush's staff (e.g., Rove), or deal with alleged misconduct associated with the "War on Terror." There is speculation that GWB may issue preemptive pardons to protect those who supported his policies from conviction under the aegis of a future administration. There is also speculation that Bush may put issue himself a preemptive pardon, which is quite possibly legal, depending on whose interpretation of the law you believe. So, what do you think? Will the next pardons be for Bush and his admin?


"Pardon me? The constitutional case against presidential self-pardons."

Article from: Yale Law Journal

Article date: December 1, 1996

Author: Kalt, Brian C.


The link takes you to an article that makes a case against self-pardons and in so doing makes a case against pardons of subordinates. But it claims in the following footnote that preemptive pardons have been ruled acceptable:

[FN12]. See Ex parte Garland, 71 U.S. (4 Wall.) 333, 380 (1866); see also Murphy v. Ford, 390 F. Supp. 1372 (W.D. Mich. 1975) (confirming validity of Ford's pardon of unindicted ex-President Nixon). If a pardon were issued before the crime were committed, it would not be a pardon but rather a suspension of the law. See Humbert, supra note 10, at 63 & n.45

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    1 decade ago
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    It was in the news yesterday; he's already started.

    I only wish that he would be prosecuted for the crimes perpetrated by and during his administration, such as holding prisoners without due process and torture--waterboarding--.

    Bush, like Hitler, seems to think that the end justifies the means.

    But he won't ever be brought up on those charges or the other things he's perpetrated on our country.

    They always let them get away with it as "it would tear our country apart," or other nonsense.

    Politicians usually cover up for their own kind.

    It doesn't matter to Congress that we have the most corrupt and incompetent administration and President in the history of the US.

    They did nothing to stop him, either. Look at the results; we'll be paying for it for several generations.

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    It wouldn't surprise me. It came as no surprise at all that three of the latest 14 to be pardoned committed crimes against endangered wildlife and the environment, and three more were white-collar criminals committing bank embezzlement and fraud. As they say, birds of a feather flock together. Sadly, Bush doesn't even care about saving our national bird, the Bald Eagle.

  • Dash
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    1 decade ago


    There won't be any need for that.

    None of the investigations will ever get off the ground,

    No crimes have been commited and there will be no convictions.

    The people who are making these speculations are the same people who said he would declare a state of emergency, postpone the elections, and seize power for another term.

    Utter nonsense!

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Is that Jewboy in an American detention center? honestly no longer. it really is maximum unAmerican putting a Jew in detention center. if so you could smell the money coming the Republican way even as Bush provides him his pardon. Edit: Jesus, 3 of my responses to questions with regard to the day I replied to this one were given me violations and removals. Do you advise that conversing about no Jews in detention center is something that they could't deny?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    YES he will! If you had as many CROOKED buddies as he does, and had the power to help them stay crooked and free, wouldnt you? Well, if you're a republican, yeah. Anyway, expect ALOT OF PARDONS from him before he leaves office.

  • JMB
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    1 decade ago

    When it comes to little georgie bush, nothing is impossible. Legality be damned.

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