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im a young teenager and my backs like real sore. It happens about once a month and it happens when im like in a postion for too long eg. flat on my stomach it feels like its locking up and is very sore and the bottom of the spine ive had it for 2 years and i just want it gone for good (my dad has a bad back if that makes a difference) please help and say if you need anymore info. and also if you think you know whats wrong tell me how to fix it and also some exercises to do THANKS!!

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    Jacko, one cannot be sure that this is a heredity issue but there is a good chance that it is. Sleeping on ones stomach creates problems for the lower back in particular. The blood supply is good to the spine at your age but it is greatly diminished when you sleep on the stomach. If you must sleep that way use a pillow under the hips to keep the lower back flat. Better yet would be to sleep on the side with the knees tucked up as high as comfortable. As for exercises to reduce the problem try these and see if they help. Lie on the floor with the legs out straight. Bring one knee up and as close to the chest as possible. Grab the knee with both arms and bring it down to the chest and hold that for ten seconds. Relax the hold so that the leg goes slightly up but don't let go. Pull the leg down again and continue this till you have done between five or ten of them. Slowly return the leg to the floor and then do the opposite leg. On the leg pull into the chest do not let go of the leg but bring the opposite leg up to meet it. Pull both legs into the chest and hold for ten seconds. Relax and do that pull for five to ten times. At the conclusion of the last pull return one leg to the floor and once there then bring the other one down. Do not bring both legs back to the floor together for it will bother your back. Lastly try this movement. Assume a push up position except that instead of being on the hands your forearms are on the floor. Keep the entire body straight. The object is to stay in that position for one minute but start out doing what you can. With time the lower abdominals will strengthen and be able to support you. These movements should help to stop the problem. If it continues see a doctor who might recommend an x-ray or MRI along with some physical therapy.

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    The best thing to do is see a DR. Even than they may not know what it is, they'll give you suggestions on how to manage your pain. They will recommend Exercithere strengthen your core, probobly ibuprofen, If the pain is unmanageable ask for an mri or xray to see if it something major. When I was 12 I fell off my bike and hurt my arm real bad, MONTHS LATER my lower back started to hurt when I sat down for long pereods of time, so my bike fall hurt my back too but I didn't know until months later. Now many years later my back hurts all the time, I got 2 MRI and 1st showed bulging disc and 2nd shows bulging disc & a severe degenerated disc. They say this is common caused by growing older 20s and some experience it sooner, also it may be genetics or trauma to the back. I heard it shouldn't cause severe pain but I am in severe pain when I lay down on my stomach or my back that's when it's the most severe. My muscle tightens up and I'm in major pain & I am unable to just get up. My Dr. said walking is good exercise & not staying in one place for a long pereod of time helps. Also I heard laying on your back like your going to do the bicycle exercise but put feet flat on floor with knees facing the ceiling and rock your knees together to the right very slowly as far as you can go without hurting yourself & repeat by rocking to the left side, this strengthens the lower back. Swimming and walking helps because it dosn't put major pressure. Hope this helps

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    I'm 50, and when that happens my health advisor has me take Ibuprofen (my prescription pain killer won't even work cause it's a different kind of pain) & apply progesterone cream (in a different spot each time) from the health food store once a day until my flow stops. The ibuprofen stops the pain, the progesterone fixes the problem for the next time around, for me at least.

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    This pain can be as a result of trying to sleep on your stomach (I have had something like this happen to me before on a couple of occasions) but this is an example only.

    The only way to know for sure what is going on is to see your doctor for further evaluation of the situation but even before that I would recommend letting your mom know what's going on so that she can help you keep an eye on the situation.

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