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I have been on birth control since I was 17 1/2 because it helped regulate my periods. My periods would come on out of no where and sometimes I would miss a month, or I would have two in one month. Crazy I know. Will my first birth control was the shot and that worked until I started forgetting to take them and then when I would remember I would get sick after taking it. I stopped taking the pill and started the depo shot. This worked fine for about a year and then when i received my 6th and last shot I gained a total of 40 pounds in 6 months. I have stretch marks all over my once perfect body. I was 130 and and now 170. I got back on the pill and i am taking them a lot better then when i was younger and now my weight gain has stopped. The trouble is I can't get the weight off. I need some advice. Also can anybody help me with some ideas on these stretch marks? All my weight went to my thighs and my breast. I went from a A cup to a D cup. Size 5 pants to size 13 pants. It just took my body up stream. I need help.

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    1 decade ago
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    I feel sorry to hear your story but why did you wait so long? It took me 3 shots to realize that my weight loss efforts were being hindered by my birth control,I also have stretch marks but due to my pregnancy and about that my friend,there is nothing that can be done.

    Now about your weight I would suggest dumping any hormonal birth control,if you need birth control to protect you from pregnancy I suggest the copper IUD,every since my last shot I have lost almost 10 lbs in a 6 month frame without excercising,I'm sure it would be more if I had excercised.I do watch what I eat though.

    If you really can't ditch hormones for medical reasons like irregular periods then I suggest trying low dose hormonal birth control.Be patient,the weight will start to come off slowly but steady.

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    What works fine for me, my frame, and my tradition isn't always going to be the identical for you. There isn't any 'fine' procedure of start manage for every person. You have to speak about this with a medical professional, who's conversant in your wellness historical past, in an effort to slender down what will satisfy the demands you may have. If you are now not well at remembering to take a tablet on the identical daily, whatever just like the shot, or the implant, or the patch probably a greater alternative. If you may have a nasty household historical past of blood clots, you would wish to seem at non-hormonal choices, just like the IUD, cervical caps, or condoms. If you are allergic to latex, the tablet probably the correct alternative for you. However, I haven't any concept how ancient you're, what your wellness historical past is, or why you wish to be on start manage, so I are not able to inform you what might be 'fine' for you.

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    I've heard of weight gain from the depo shot being REALLLL common.

    Just stop taking that shot, and jog your as-s off girl!

    You can also get cocoa butter / shea butter sticks (they kind of look like glue sticks) from the drug store to put on the stretch marks and it will make them fade. Stretch marks on their own will fade though. Yours might currently be red because they are new but in time they will fade to white and virtually disappear.

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    Birth control?

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