How should I settle an arguement if someone owe's you money but is refusing to pay and twisting the story?

About a year ago, I had a girlfriend (of 3 years at the time) who wanted to buy me a laptop for a christmas present because she said i deserved it and I did not have one for college. I didn't want her to give me one because of the price but she didn't care, she just wanted me to choose which one I liked and tell her so she can get it. So after christmas, I was doing shopping and didn't find any I liked until February came along with a great deal on the HP website. I told her about the laptop and she didn't hesitate to tell me to get it but at the time, she couldn't order the laptop herself online because she lost her debit card and couldn't get a new one until some later time. I knew that the deal on the HP website was only for a limited time and it was best to get it right then and there. We then came up with the plan that I would be the one charging the laptop on my debit card (which set me broke for a while) and she would end up paying me back later in time which I didn't think would matter because at that time i believed that we were going to be together for a very long time but that did not go according to plan.

Last April, she broke up with me, verbally promising me that even though we are broken up, she would still be my friend and pay me back for the laptop and help me pay for the cell phone contract (another long story) we shared together. Then out of the blue (about a month later after the break up), she tells me that "If im going to be the one paying for the laptop, I should be the one keeping it." I told her countless times that, "no i can not do that because we had a deal and I have already gotten use to my laptop and it is in my name including the fact that I have text and converstations of us stating that you do owe me this certain amount of money." I also mentioned to her that it is not my fault that you maid a mistake in thinking that it was okay to get me a laptop in the first place.

So after many weeks of arguing about this, I finally made my point to her and she agreed she will pay me back but I would have to wait because she said she couldn't afford to pay me back at the time. So I gave her time and she was slowly paying me back, she paid me a third of the money she owed me in August and another third a couple weeks later. I was feeling that everything was working out and everything was great because we did have an agreement and things we getting settled. It wasn't until last week (Nov. 18) that she again is trying to pull the same trick. Im here at my college and finals are coming up and she is trying to tell me the same BS and I constantly told her, look i have proof that we have an agreement that you owe me. So as I did, i sent her emails of our convo's in the past and her stating that she owes me this amount and then she tells me "I dont see anywhere where it says that the laptop is yours, im just simply buying the laptop from you." So basically, she has alredy given me almost half the money she has owed me and now she is refusing to pay me back unless I give her the laptop.

The laptop is in my name, I have conversations of us talking about what she owes me, I believe that I am just sticking to plan and it hurts me how she is trying to tell me that we never had such an agreement. All because we are broken up now, she believes that I should give her back something that was truly a gift to me. She is frustrating me because we faught about it and then she agreed to paying me back and she was slowly doing that but now she is changing her mind again.

Please help me out and sorry for such the long story. Please, i am not being money hungry or anything..I just want this settlement to end up to the person who knows the truth and who is not trying to pull anything.

Thank you


If you want to see actual proof that I have to back up this, I dont mind sending it to people who will truthfully help me and tell me what they believe is right. Maybe someone who understands the law very well and has a wide range of experience with such debates similar to this. Thank you

Update 2:

I understand that many of you will feel as if I am selfish but please do not judge because I have done countless things for her during our relationship..I just need help on solving this issue, I can not just let her get away with leaving me and then believing that she can tell me something and then change her mind. You do not take back gifts that you have given someone. Many of you do not know the whole story, so please understand that I am just trying to settle this debate with the help of you.

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    I got really angry as I read this. If you insisted that she pay then you should have let her have the laptop. You have been selfish and money grabbing - and I think you should either pay her for the laptop or let her have it to keep. How can you try to take the moral high ground here, you are so obviously in the wrong!

  • Anonymous
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    I am sorry but your gf was right in dumping you. You are very ungrateful. She bought a laptop for you when you were together and now you have broken she owes you nothing. At least she is decent enough to pay half of the money for the laptop you will use. You need to stop being so greedy and treating her like the Wells Fargo Bank. She has her problems too and she really is a very nice person.

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    The laptop is in your name, and the cost came from your account. So there is no argument legally that it belongs to you. I would say you're lucky to have gotten half the money back, and you could take her to court if you have sufficient evidence that there is agreement that she pay you the money for the lap top. I don't know if it would be whats best, and if it wouldn't cost you more money to sue her. I say, keep the half, and the laptop, you only paid half price, and move one with it. Tell her just forget it, and leave it alone. Good Luck!!

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    You already got half of the money for the laptop. I would drop it if I were you. Sounds like you guys have underlying issues here and are using the laptop as an excuse to continue to have contact. I do not think this is about the gifts at all.

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    4 years ago

    you won't be able to emphasize her to pay without taking her to small claims court docket, and being that you do not have a lot written data, you would no longer get something in any respect. As for being tight on funds, you need to decrease down on your spending until eventually you could get stuck up, borrowing it from some different person purely makes yet another debt. even as coping with funds or possessions, regardless of acquaintances, consistently have written contracts, and good or undesirable, record each little thing by the existence of the settlement. you would have an a lot less complicated time contained in the destiny do you need to finally end up in court docket.

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    I hate to tell you this but I don't think there's anything you can do.

    From a legal standpoint: this isn't even a contract, written or not, because it is a gift, not an exchange of a promise for a promise or act. This means that you cannot sue her in small claims court for the money.

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    If you really want the rest of the $$, take her and your proof of conversations to small claims court. YOu wil win, that fact that she gave you any $ at all, proves you had a verbal contract that she was fulfilling it, until she decided not to.......however to be honest, you should cut your losses, and be done w/it, the constant contact w/your ex is stress you don't need. Good Luck

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There is nothing to 'settle'. You purchased a laptop. Keep the laptop. Dump the girlfriend. End of long story.

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