why was uranus important?

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    Well, I don't know if this makes it important, but it's interesting because rather than spining on an "up/down" axis around its poles, like the other planets do, Uranus sort of rolls along on its side as it orbits the sun, like a ball would roll. Its poles point to and away from the sun, instead of up and down. Think of it this way, if you viewed the solar system from above, most of the planets would appear to be spinning like tops as they orbited the sun. Uranus rolls on its side. :-)

    Also, it wasn't Uranus' "pull on Pluto" that led to Plutos discovery. It was an overestimation of Neptune's mass, which made the calculations for Uranus and Neptune's orbits show that they were orbiting funny, that led to the search for another planet, and Pluto's eventual discovery in 1930.

    Of course, when Voyager 2 flew by the outer planets in the 1990s, astronomers discovered that Neptune's mass was less than they had thought, and when they corrected their calculations they saw that nothing at all was wrong with the orbits of Uranus and Neptune. :-)

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    Its discovery showed that not all objects in the solar system could be seen by eye alone. It proved that the solar system was larger than previously thought. Also, due to irregularities in its orbit, it led to the discovery of Neptune, and hence to the further exploration of our solar system.

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    It's pull on Pluto led to Pluto's discovery! Also, it showed we were able to see further out through our solar system and have a party....and generate a few book sales.

    Don't got for the joke, "youranus"!

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