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Why are prices so high in good stores?

Stores like American Eagle and A&F and Hollister.

They have decant clothes. I just hate how they say the name on it. It is like a human advertisement.!!!!

Plus it is expensive. 34$ for a t-shirt!

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    Because the markup price is all too much on everything, especially clothes. Always buy things on sale. It seems to me if someone can sell an item for 150.00 at regular price and on sale for 75.00, that should tell you all you need to know. You need to buy seasonal anything at the end of that season. Buy a swimsuit at the end of summer, a coat at the end of winter.

    Source(s): I have made a rule never,never buy anything if it isn't on sale(sometime even food).
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    It does seem excessive for a t-shirt doesn't it. They probably use a better quality of fabric and therefore they charge higher prices. And yes, it is all about advertisement and wearing the latest fashion.

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    bcuz its a well-known brand of clothing... just like how vans are $50 just cuz it has a vans tag on it

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    b.c its good quality

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