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How are these structural difference related to the function trachea and esophagus?

The trachea is composed of rings of cartilage adn the nearby esophagus is composed of muscle and lacks cartilage. how are thes structural difference related to the functions of each?

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    The esophagus needs to be soft and musclar to move the food along, the trachea needs to be open and rigid to allow air movement. You can't move air through a collapsed tube.

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    The trachea is the passage for air going into the lungs. As such it needs to be pretty much constantly open- except when you're eating (you don't want pudding to enter your lungs or you would not be able to breathe and would get pneumonia [lung infection]). The esophagus takes food to the stomach. The epiglottis covers the esophagus normally allowing the trachea to be open. When you swallow this triggers tension of the muscles controlling the epiglottis causing it to cover the trachea so no food from swallowing goes into your lungs. Hope this answers your question

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    Function Of Tracheal Rings

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