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Why do the good die so young?

Many NewsChannel 9 viewers were touched by the story of 11-year-old Brenden Foster, who died this weekend of leukemia. But before he passed away, he made a final wish, and thousands are helping it come true.

Brenden was from Lynwood, Washington. During the final days of his battle with leukemia, Brenden made a wish: help the homeless. People across the country took place in food drives in Brenden's honor.


Thanks, Ma. I was so heart broken to read it. I had tried to follow the story, but you know, with a 4 year old in toe, and things needing to be done, it was hard to do. I will be praying for his family through this difficult time, and so close to the holidays, too. So sad :(

Update 2:

You may reject this, I just find it hard to accept that children should pass on due to such terrible illnesses, and he wasn't even a teenager, yet.

Update 3:

Well put Riddick7, and TGS, I can agree to that, but it is still heartbreaking.

Update 4:

Invisible Boy, I agree, the homeless need as much if not more attention.

I hope that we don't get any hate messages on here, although, I know it's a hope that can be short lived.

I just pray his family can get through this.

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    Because there is a time and a purpose to everything under heaven...our longevity is decided probably before we are born. Many don't get past the humidicrib in the intensive care unit. Some again are stillborn. The presence of life is as important (or even more important) as the absence.

    It is what is learnt during that life that really counts. This little boy learnt that he could make a difference to others with his life by inspiring others to do good. His death was not empty. Another person may to 70, 80 and never get close to inspiring others. In these cases who had the more substantial life?

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    They say the good die young because they still have their innocents. They ha vent yet been corrupted by the evil ways of mankind. That boy was very brave and very wise. His family is suffering a terrible loss over one person. Imagine how many people are suffering in the cold, with no shelter, no clothing and no food. People in general aren't willing enough to give anything extra because we feel that homeless can go get jobs and do this and do that.. in some cases that may be true. However, when you're down and out.. you've hit rock bottom.. isn't it easier to get back on your feet when you have someone offering a helping hand. Especially these homeless families that have small children.

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    The "good dying young" I think is a myth. I know of several middle aged people who have given tremendously of themselves to help others even sometimes putting their own well being at risk by doing it.

    Secondly, is it possible that when faced with death, no matter what age one is at, one sees what is truly valuable in life? Not the fluff that the marketeers want you to think is valuable so they can get your money, not prestige, status or position which is self-delusion, not even power and fortune which are shallow at best, but what one does that lasts in the hearts and minds of others by actually changing the life of another for the better. I bet even after the news coverage of this boy dies out, the positive effects he has had on other lives will never die out. No amount of money, power, or fame can replace that.

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    this is going to sound complicated yet undergo with me: i do no longer think of the forged die youthful, we merely evaluate people who die youthful simpler than possibly they have been..if Kurt Cobain and Nirvana have been nevertheless around or Jim Morrison grow to be nevertheless alive, i do no longer think of they might get almost the attention and compliment they do now. no longer taking something faraway from Heath Ledger, yet different than Brokeback and the dark Knight, what different phenomemal movies grow to be he in? Knights tale and 10 issues I hate approximately You? no longer precisely movies that are in threat of makinf AFI's suited a hundred record

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    The good don't die so young, that's untrue, and neither is helping the homeless such a revolutionary idea that the request of a dying child should motivate you. Whether you care about dying children's wishes or not, the issue of homeless people begs a solution.

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    what a wonderful child

    his parents must be so proud to have had such a thoughtful son

    his family are in my thoughts and God bless this beautiful child

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    A very sad story. Makes a person thankful for what they have, I would think.

  • people don't understand, but if they want to do something, do something! and they good don't die young. but the fade away to fast. in this case, he was here for a reason.

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    I reject your assertion. Many good people live to a ripe old age. This is just a case of a single sick child receiving a lot of press.

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    I was always told that it was because God wanted them as angels

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