Has anyone ever taken a med called suboxone?

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    1 decade ago
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    no but im a nurse, its a powerful opiate, approximately twenty-five to forty times as potent as morphine. only take this if your in chronic pain.(i.e. dont abuse this.) and even then expect to become addicted if your using it all the time. I would only use this if nothing else works. Try the pain clinic first to see if they have any better options.

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    Suboxone blocks the opiate receptors in your brain and helps with withdrawal symptoms associated with opiate abuse. If you're a heroin addict and you take suboxone, you won't be able to get high, as it blocks the receptors, and you won't experience physical withdrawal symptoms.

    HOWEVER, suboxone is extremely addictive, and once you want to get off of it, the withdrawal symptoms are far worse than those of heroin. I would strongly suggest going to a detox and seeking treatment over taking suboxone.

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    It's a synthetic opiate to keep people from abusing heroin or opiates. They take a dose each day to keep the withdrawls away. It has naloxone in it which makes it ineffective if injected.

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