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Extremely Poor Gaming Performance?

Poeple have a same setup as me and are running crysis with brilliant results and no sticking however i am not. I have overclocked my GPU and have seen no increase in performance. Is the gpu not getting the power it needs? do i need to feed it more volts? it does not let me do this in the BIOS by the way. here is my system.

p4 3.2ghz ht

2gb ram

powercolor hd3850 (core from 669 to 735)(memory gddr3 512mb from 829 to 945)

VX550W PSU (41amp, single 12v)

is the cpu limiting the overclock perofrmance increase? should i OC the CPU to reduce this? it does no let me in the BIOS. What software should i use to OC it instead of using BIOS? my motherboard is p5s88vm.

thankyou so so much for the help!

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    yeah, the cpu is the bottleneck! You need to upgrade to a duo core CPU! You can go with intel d2c (if you are rich) or amd duo core (if you are not rich:) ), just don't go with intel duo core, they suck!

    After that, you will see at least 50% performance increasing in games.

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    One problem is the Radeon 3850 isn't that powerful of a card. It's ok but that's all... You're much better off with a Radeon 3870 or better yet Geforce 8800GT, or even better... Radeon 4850.

    Even the $75 Radeon 4670 beats the old 3850. A good card at stock speeds beats an entry-level card OC'd.


    Is that a single-core P4 3.2 HT? Yeesh!! That's a huge gaming bottleneck - You can't run Cryis with that!! In fact you won't handle anything more demanding than World of Warcraft or Half-Life 2, most likely..

    Get a real CPU, man... The Core 2 Duos OC very well :)

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    You are being limited by the SIS chipset in the motherboard. Most SIS motherboards use a large number of waits for the bus and the RAM. This causes an overall slow PC but increases reliability. If you want to do gaming you will need another motherboard

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    sounds like your card is over heating, put the speeds back to stock, theres no need to over clock the hd 3850.

    i can play crysis with minor hiccups on medium settings with

    p4 2.26ghz (OC'd to 2.94)

    2gb ram

    sapphire radeon hd 3650

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    I want to say yes its not getting the volts it needs but you know you dont want to go crazy it will own your system

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    overclocking can slow performance. try it with normal settings..

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