What in Hades does this dream mean?

I forget all the details of it, but I was in some kind of civilization that lived in a glass-enclosed, underwater city. I got kidnapped by this group of, well, I think they were rebels, and heard their plans for taking over the city (and these weren't very nice rebels from what I saw). So it kinda skipped ahead to this huge battle, and I saw a hell of a lot of eagles fighting a crap load of seagulls, except I was seeing them from above (yeah, this was a pretty messed up dream; I think the seagulls were on the rebels' side, and the eagles were on my side, although how they got all those birds underwater is beyond me). Anyway, it then skipped ahead again to something completely irrelevant; me going to one of my dad's friends' houses. So what the heck does all this mean?


I've only ever seen the Lord of the Rings movies, so....and I'm not really obsessed with them.

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    1 decade ago
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    That you have screwed up dreams. Enjoy them - I've had weirder. I think that lucid dreaming is one of the more fantastic things to do with your REM cycle. Basically, with practice, you can control you dreams and their outcomes. Which also means, if you have the occasional bad dream and you feel it's going to end badly, you can divert it to something less traumatic and you don't wake up stressed out with your heart pounding. Sorry I didn't really answer your question. The eagles on your side were probably keyed into a Lord of the Rings fixation though. :>]

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