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Whats Wrong With Me??..?

right, im just slightly worried :/ im a normal 15 year old girl right, but recently ive been freaking out a bit. ive always been a really extrovert outgoing, fun loving person. and still am! im really daring but ive never been to confident with asking questions and stuff. i dont know what has started it, but ive been panicking about something really stupid. im afraid of going red, ive even been really nervous about talking to people on the school bus in case they ask me a question and Talk to me. its got so bad that if some one even calls my name i go flushed and my heart beats fast. ive put my head phones in and try and stay un noticed. im still with all my mates, because all the year 11s sit at the back. when i knew that they were going to bring me up in conversation my heart went crazy and my breathing sped up! its so weird and i hate it! its not me! i was wondering, not that i think it had much to do with it, whether it could be down to stress? im in my last year of exams and am undergoing mock GCSE's at the moment, picking a college, not to mention the death of my dad after 4 years of cancer. i feel like im on the edge.

any advice of what im going through or how to combat it! thanks!

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    sounds like you're 15 =)

    but jeez sorry about your dad... I lost my dog last week that I've had for like my whole life and it took me down for a while.. I know its not nearly the same, but I definitely feel for you.

    I think you need to realize that everyone at that age is trying to blend in and not stick out, so don't worry about what others think about you, just remember that they are probably all going through the same thing. God I remember I did

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    You just need to chill out & stop caring what people think of the way you talk, look, react etc. you're overthinking everything, most people dont even notice half the things you notice about yourself. Just relax. Make eye contact with people and be calm, they're just people!!

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