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Is too much green tea bad for you?

I drink like a bottle of iced green tea every day... And i thought green tea is really good for you but someone said that if you're trying to lose weight and even drinking alot of it can turn bad for you? Is that true?

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    Well... for the green tea diet you are supposed to have anywhere from 4-6 cups a day.. what you are doing really seem ok..(above 6 cups of green tea isnt good for you...what youre having is 3.5 cups max)

    put some exercising together with it and you will really start shedding pounds...

    Alternatively...if you are really serious about losing weight you should think about trying white tea. It is basically three times more effective coz of the high concentration of antioxidants in it. You would achieve the same results as green tea by drinking only half of what you drink now...

    It also tastes much better..

    You might want to give it a try... these dudes over at are offering free packs for everyone to get started.... I got mine recently and its worked really well...(im doing about 2 cups only)

    ow..and a word of advice... please...whatever you do...never touch diet pills... they are really really bad. (from experience)

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    Hey, it's caffeine. And yes, poor food eating habits put on weight.

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