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abusing my metabolism or not...?

O.k. I have lost 55 pounds since July 30th by sticking to the true method of eating more but in less quantities(breakfast,snack,lunch,snack,meal,snack) I work as a supervisor in a pharmaceutical so I have to do a lot of walking so that's helped a lot. But now,since last week I'm working on the second shift(5pm-1am) and since I'm still getting up at 7am I still have time to do the regular eating routine but the thing is that I'm doing it from 8am to 10pm I'm eating 2 hours difference between meals which means that I gotta add one more meal and one more snack. If I do that; Am I abusing my metabolism or slowing it down?

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    I have lost a lot of weight in the past year and eating more frequently and in small quantities is good. i would only add two more healthy snacks to tie you over till your next meal in the morning

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