What is the fasted way to lvl in World of Warcraft as a Horde Night Elf Shaman?

I'm a level 12 Horde Night Elf Shaman, Im at the crossroads in the badlands, what is the fastest way to level in a place nearby? I have like only 10 silver, but my friend is going to give me like 50 gold, so if there is a place to train that requires money, that would be good :)

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    Well 1st Night Elves are alliance so Don't think your a night elf. Second Night elves don't have a shaman class, nor do Blood Elves which are horde. Regardless of those small facts the best way to lvl is to do quest's. Quest give you xp twofold so if you want to lvl go quest.

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    Only Orcs, Tauren and Trolls are Shaman on the Horde side. And Night Elves are Alliance and can't be Shamans.

    Just do all the quests in that area. Also, get a group and do Wailing Caverns. That will help you level as well.

    If you haven't already, download the QuestHelper add-on from curse.com. This will help you track your quests and show you exactly where to complete them at.

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    you get a /facepalm. Night Elfs are alliance not Horde. Nights can not be Shaman.

    now for the question. The best way to lvl would be to do quests. it gives you the most amount of xp and tend to be very easy to do. there are trainers in all major cities so you can go to thunderbluff or Org. to train. speak to a guard to find out where exactly in those cities to train.

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    I think you mean Alliance, as the horde can only have Tauren/Orc and Trolls as shaman.

    Just do the quests and level - the cash will come as you do that. Go into instances - they build up your experience and cash at the same time .

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    go to the crossroads till around 18 then go to the southern barrens till mid 20's then take a boat over to the undead lands and walks to hillsbrad foot hills you can google where these places are and you can also google area that are your level range from 1-80 : )

    good luck!

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    horde night elf shaman?... no such thing bro

    durotar mainly

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    Well If you are looking for leveling guides I would checkout http://wowguidecompendium.com/ has allot of great free guides to help you level. Hope this helps!

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    you cant be a horde night elf =)

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