What is hip hop? What are its positive aspects, and what are negative aspects of others genres?

A group in my psych class chose to analyze hip hop, and they chose "Bootylicious" as a sample. All they did was bash it and talk about sexuality in hip-hop music and hip hop's lyrical repetition (as in "this is why I'm hot" by MIMS). I made a comment that hip hop is more than that and other genres do the same things that hip hop does (see "HonkyTonk BaDonkaDonk") but they didn't believe me. PLEASE help me shut these closed-minded classmates of mine with some sweet knowledge.

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    Some people don't understand genres within the genre. Hip-hop has different genres within the artform itself. If you look down through the history of the music, it started out as a MC's and getting the party hype. Then the militant/5%/knowledge of self hit in the mid to late 80's on the east coast and around that same time(a few years later) the West Coast started making some noise with the "gangsta rap" genre. You yourself know this, you just have to convey this those who are not "in the know." All genres of music have genres within the genre. Rock-N-Roll music had pop rock, hard rock, heavy metal, speed metal, death metal, alternative, etc. Jazz music has Big Band, fusion, acid, etc. Hip-hop is no different. Not all hip-hop videos have chicks shaking their rumps in the video. Most people that talk about the repitition in hip-hop songs, but don't understand music. All music has repitition in it. How often is the chorus repeated in any song?

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    Hip Hop appreciates beauty, whether it be in the form of art, religion, women, children, communities, family, cultures, relationships, lyricism, and music.

    a few songs that give examples of that are.

    Africa Dreams - Talib Kweli, Weldon Irvine and Hi-Tek

    Lil Darling - Talib Kweli

    Dollar Day - Mos Def

    Hold On - PHaroahe Monch

    JOy - Talib Kweli and Mos Def

    Brown Skin Lady - Black Star

    All For One - Brand Nubian

    Allah U Akbar - Brand Nubian

    B.I.B.L.E. - Gza

    Love's Gonna Gitcha - KRS-One

    Misunderstood - Common

    G.O.D. - Common and Cee Lo

    Rising Up - The Roots

    Dark Skin Girls - Del the Funkyhomosapien

    This Way - Dilated Peoples

    Get By - Talib Kweli

    The Beast - Talib Kweli and Papoose

    Jesus Walks - KanYe WEst

    Diamonds - KanYe West

    I Can - NaS

    Agent Orange - Pharoahe Monch

    4th Branch - Immortal Technique

    The Worlds Gone Mad - Del the Funky Homosapien

    C.R.E.A.M - Wu Tang

    these are just a few, hip hop has an infinate amount of wisdom to give.

    Sexuality is a common topic in every genre, I just watched the movie "Role Models" yesterday and Sean Scott played one of the "Big brothers" and told the kid that the Kiss album he was about to play was all about how they get pussy.

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    sexuality is in every genre and i mean every fucin genre, as for repetition how about "metal" white ppl in tight pants screaming over and over again. People just love to bash hip hop always have always will. As for your classmates give them some good rhh to listen 2 they might change their mind.

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    tell them to look at decent rappers from before hip hop died, not mims and destinys child, thats pop not hip hop. tell them to analyse kanye's first album, they might have heard of him as there so ignorant

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