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Can you have strep throat without a fever?

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    Yeah you can have it without your throat hurting i have a had that one. but right now there are alot things that go around that make your thoat hurt so it might not be strep.

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    Strep throat may not always be accompanied with a fever, but this sounds more like a viral infection. You should go to the doctor to be sure.

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    Yes. You can also have strep throat without a sore throat - sometimes the bacteria manifests itself as a rash on your face or body.

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    yes. I have had strep with out fever before

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    yes it is defi possible.

    i had strep, still do now.

    thats why im not at school today.

    i'm sick alsoooo and i got rid of my fever

    even though it's coming back.

    good luck getting rid of strep if you have it :(

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    You can if it's just starting, or if it is on it's last day or so. Look for other factors too, like a headache, sore throught, and general achey-ness

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    yeah or It can be the start of a cold thats what happen to me i get a sore thorat and then the cold starts to kick in

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    of course you can

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    yes you can.

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