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What is the appropriate attire for a quinceanera?

Answer for both males and females, please.

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    well its like the hispanic version of a sweet sixteen. so iw ould say u would want to dress up a little.

    females should wear dresses and heels, or at least slacks and a nice shirt.

    and males should wear slacks and a nice shirt, preferably a tie.

    but if its more of a casual theme, u can dress down a bit. just dont wear any raggedy tshirts, holey jeans, dirty sneakers, etc.

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    It's like a mini wedding or prom if you will. Guys dress in either a tux or suit it depends on what you want. The girl is dressed in a white or beautiful colored dress. It all depends on what you want. This is mostly for Latinas... it's the mark of when a girl becomes a women. Did your mother have one or are you one of those white girls that want to follow us Latinas or are you a latina... that irriates me so much. It's our tradition... anyway, at my quince I had a beautiful blue dress and my friends wore matching gowns and the guys all wore suits. Have fun with it. It's an absolute wonderful time. As long as you do it right.

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    same thing you would wear to a sweet sixteen, except this is a more "into womanhood" thing, where children's stuff--like dolls--are left behind.

    dress according to time, place, day, nite....have a good time! :)

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    it depends if its a friends or family.,

    guys- jeans,dressy shirt,and no tennis shoes!

    girls,um dress, or shorts with a nice shirt,dressy capris and nice shirt,wear heels :)

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