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my yahoo id is fardina.shams@yahoo.comi know the answer of my security question but it doesnt match.pls help?

i need to change my password. it is urgent. i know everything of my account. pls pls pls help me to change the paasword. i am using this account for a long time.pls help me

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    If you have problems with your security question and secret answer you can still get a temporary new password if you have an alternate mail address.

    Go to your profile, click "edit my info", scroll down to "email", under "use another email address" click "add an email address", enter a new mail address which is NOT registered with Yahoo. You need this so Yahoo can send you a temporary password in case your current password ever causes problems. Click "preview" at the bottom and then "okay".

    Give Yahoo a couple of hours to register your alternate mail address, then re-try the "forgot password" link.

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