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Should my mom go to the dr? The dr always acts like nothings wrong?

Alright heres the thing my mom has like chronic constipation. Its normal for her to have a bm like once every week or two. But lately she hasnt gone in a LONG time like atleast 2 weeks apart and everytime she does she cries and says it feels like her isides are being ripped out or like something is tearing. Her belly swells up and she has even had one o her legs go numb! She is also taking this presciption powder called Propelyne Glycol? (i probably spelled tht wrong) and it you take two capfuls for a normal person its supposed to clean out your colon and she has taken 8 and no results. Every time she asks our dr about this he says oh your fine and thinks shes exaggerating. He tells her just to take more of that medicine. Im really worried about her. She wont let me go to the dr with her cus she knows id chew his *** out. What could be wrong with her? Dont doctors even care anymore??

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    Honey,I have constipation but definitely more than a week is out of the range of what is considered "Normal" So yes,insist her to seek another doctor ASAP.

    She would probably need a colonoscopy.I don't want to scare you but this can be very serious like colon cancer.

    What I do to treat my constipation is:

    A lot of: Fiber,water,pineapple,mango,activia !!! this really works.

    So yeah these things can really help in the mean time but she really needs to see another doctor.

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    Yeah, that doctor is an idiot? A sign of good bowel function and lack of constipation is actually going 10 - 15 minutes after EVERY meal, EVERY day. It's a good sign if you poop 2 or more times a day.

    Clearly that medicine isn't working, and clearly this doctor isn't doing anything to help her.

    I know constipation is excruciatingly painful, especially not going for 2 weeks!

    She can try an enema on herself to see if that helps. Has she ever tried a stool softener such as Dulcolax? Or even a medicine that MAKES you go, Ex-Lax will make her get real nasty cramps and diarhhea to get everything out. (But if she has used laxatives a lot in the past this is probably not a good idea, b/c the more you use laxatives, the worse constipation gets actually.)

    How is her diet? If she isn't getting sufficient fiber that could be a reason she has chronic constipation. Tell her to try a Fiber 1 cereal every morning.

    Also there are certain fruits she can eat to make her go:

    - prunes / dried apricots

    - in my experience blueberries work really well for me.

    - STRONG coffee. This gets things flowing.

    - Activia Yogurt

    (From personal experience on constipation, within THREE days of eating Activia, one every morning, I was regular again within a few days. It's great stuff.)

    If she doesn't drink a lot of water, have her start drinking loads of water a day.

    Perhaps she needs to literally TRAIN her body to go to the bathroom. A good way to start doing this is everytime she eats, directly after eating, have her go to the bathroom and sit on the toilet for 10-15 minutes. Even if she doens't have to go, or knows nothing will come out, she is training her body to use the bathroom after eating. Remind her NOT to push, this causes hemrrhoids and could make for bloody stools.

    There are ENDLESS possibilities for why your mother has chronic constipation, and unless the doctor is looking for them, he won't know, and having him say "oh just keep taking this medicine," when it's clearly not working, is not a good sign of a responsible doctor. Why not tell your mother to get a second opinion?

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    Your poor mom. I think if she is getting no where with this doctor it is time to go to a gastrointerologist to make sure nothing is wrong. They can also get her on a regimen to keep the constipation for getting so bad.

    She could try Mirlax or other OTC medications like an enema but I think it is more important to find the cause. She could also try a stool softener so it is not so painful when she does go.

    I swear most doctors go into medicine for the money and not to help patients. I would give him a piece of my mind to.

    I hope she gets the answers she needs.

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    Chronic constipation is NOT normal and it is NOT healthy, and that doctor is a complete moron! If it is causing her this much pain, she NEEDS help.

    Appeal to your mother's better judgment and tell her she needs to go to a different doctor because this one just doesn't seem to get it.

    In the mean time, get her to increase her fluid intake (100 ounces per day MINIMUM) and buy her some Senokot and have her take the maximum dosage until she starts having regular BM's.

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    "Don't doctors even care anymore?"

    Yes. The good ones do.

    It seems like your mom's doctor is a moron. I had a doctor that was a moron before. Didn't do their job at all. and another one that scared me to death, so i ended up going to the emergency room, and it wasn't even that bad as they made it seem.

    I suggest getting your mom go to another doctor. Good luck.

    Also, sometimes it's needed to chew someone's *** out for something.

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    thats sad... she needs a second opinion..and probably change the way shes eating to avoid getting constipated...lots of fibre water..yoghurt like lactivia that stops feeling bloated and repairs the system..

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    Tell her to take prune juice or senokot that will get her going.

    I dont think thats normal, I would go and see another MD about this problem.

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    I think it's time for your mom to find another Doctor, that one sounds like he doesn't know what he is talking about.

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    Get a second opinion.

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