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Is there a such thing as gelatin free marshmallows?..?

Im a vegetarian But I love smores and Marshmallows have gelatin..I want to find a gelatin free kind, help please.

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    This company makes them

    Vegan marshmallows by Sweet and Sara

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    Don't trust that something is vegetarian because it it Kosher or Halal. If the animal used to make the gelatin is Kosher and/or Halal and killed in a Kosher and/or Halal manner, the gelatin used to make the Marshmallows can be from animals. You need it to say agag agar or that it is gelatin free. There was a scandal about a kosher gelatin that stated that it was vegetarian, but it wasn't and the company now longer exists.

    I know that vegan marshmallows are available in Australia at

  • A number of online retailers carry Sweet and Sara marshmallows and their S'mores. The S'mores are a graham cracker topped wtih a pillow of marshmallow and robed in chocolate, and they are delicious and addictive. Vegan Essentials, Different Daisy, and Cosmos Vegan Shoppe are three that I know of.

    Pangea ( has their own line of vegan marshmallows called Vegan Sweets. They even have rice krispy treats that are pretty good.

    I've had both, and sadly neither really compares to non-vegetarian marshmallows. But when it comes to snacking, I'd go for S&S. For baking, you can use the Vegan Sweets.

    You can also get Suzanne's Ricemellow Fluff from almost any vegan retailer.

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    Yes but they're really rare. More common you can get marshmallow fluff which is usually vegetarian and doesn't contain gelatin.

    Also you can buy this chocolate bar I think it's just called smores, I think it is a hersheys chocolate bar, it tastes like smores and doesn't have real marshmallows in it, I checked the ingredients and there's no gelatin.

    You just reminded me of that chocolate bar. I haven't see it in ages. I want some.... I wonder where I can find it.

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    yes, they're by a company called sweet & sarah.

    just go to and you can order them for about 6 bucks a pack. sweetn & sarah is the only company that makes vegan marshmallows.....but they are worth EVERY PENNY!

    enjoy :)

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    You can get them online - has a good range including smores I think. They aren't common in supermarkets or food stores on the highstreet though :(

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    yes there is i get them because i am muslim and i get gelatin free they are halal that is all i eat is halal food which is for religious purposes

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    Yes there is, the site below sells them. But unfortunately at the moment the site has sold out, but its worth keeping an eye out, they might restock soon, especially for x'mas!

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    honey- there's vegan anything. go to , then click on what to eat, and there's a whole list!

    or try any store like... well, in Indiana, we have trader joes and wild oats. but just check at stores that sell vegan things.

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