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C-Sections... when can you have one?

At my midwives' office, they're telling me that they will NOT schedule my c-section anytime before the 1st day of the 39th week, due to their rules about "possibly being 2 weeks off".

Background: hubbie is leaving for military duty 1/12. Baby isn't due until 1/24. I'm on my 3rd C-section, so I KNOW I have to schedule her delivery. I asked if they would schedule it for the 5th, since she'll be a little over 37 weeks... but they said "no chance". AAAHHHHHH! Anyone have a doctor that will do it?? My hubbie HAS to be there!


Also: I KNOW my conception date, and all of the U/S say that she is right on time, no ifs, ands, or buts! Why won't they let me go at 37+ weeks?!?!?!

Update 2:

I understand that... but what am I going to do? We have 2 small kids (3 and under) and my own mom won't be here... so I'll have a brand new baby, a brand new c-section to heal from, AND a pair of kids that fight for attention ALL the time. I'm trying to decide what's best for the baby-- a slim-to-none chance that she'll have anything wrong other than a week knocked off of mommy's womb, OR a CrAzY mother who's in HORRIBLE pain??

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    i know it is very important for your hubby to be there but the lungs of a baby are the last thing to develop. I know it is hard but think of your baby. My daughter was born one week before her due date and she had to go to the NI CU for five days. There is a fine line where it gets dangerous. I know you will be stuggling, but try to be a selfless mommy.

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    I think a few years ago they would have done it but they are getting tighter on the restrictions. Doctors are not allowed to schedule it until 39 weeks anymore and this is probably a policy at the hospital- not w/ the doctor. I wanted to be scheduled for the 19th of December because it works out better with the help we can have, but I can't go until the 22nd! I had twins at 37 weeks and due to the level fluid around them at this stage they run the risk of problems. One of my boys swallowed amniotic fluid and developed pneumonia and had to stay in NICU for TEN days. I couldnt bare to leave him so I stayed there as well. It was miserable. As hard as it might be, you have to do what's best for your baby. It wouldn't be good to figure out what to do with your kids while you were in NICU with a baby that had complications from an early c-section. If it's time for your little one to come out then she will come early and you will go into labor and she will get to see daddy. Nobody ever said having kids while being the military was going to be easy. Sorry- don't stress too much it will all work out.

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    I feel your pain, however doctors have reasons for not doing c-sections or inductions too early. For me I am having one 8 days before my due date. My ultrasounds show I'm due Feb 10, but my date (I also know for sure when I got my last period) shows the 21st. My doc said he's going with the ultrasounds and on top of that delivering 8 days early. Just in case I am getting the celestone shot to build his lungs. It's really easy to underestimate how much a week longer in the mom really helps out the baby in assuring a safe delivery and healthy baby. You wouldn't want to send your husband out for his military leave a week late on a plane that is 50% sure to crash just to have him here for the birth would you? So why do it to your daughter?

  • my doctor is the same way but as it was explained to me is that there were a lot of babies born premature due to human era not because anything was wrong with the baby but because of them being born early they ended up needing help breathing and had other problems and doctors were being sued because of it so now most doctor unless you have a medical emergency won't deliver babies before 39+ weeks to ensure the health of the baby.

    I hope everything works out for you and Good Luck

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    A responsible doctor won't intentionally take a baby out before 39 weeks, unless there is a health issue for the mother or the baby. There's a reason babies gestate for 40 weeks, they still have growing and developing to do the last 3 weeks!

    Is there anything else you can do besides this one solution? Can you find ANYONE to come and help you at home for even a week or two? Maybe a couple of different people who can take turns helping you at home?

    Can your husband delay his leaving because of the situation?

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    they usually won't take a baby before 39 weeks because of the development of the baby BUT as horrible as this sounds, my stepsister had her baby 5 weeks early.. she just told them she was unbearably uncomfortable! or you could try things to get labor going that way they'd have to take the baby out if you were in labor!

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    i would not chance it- i know someone who scheduled their c-section too early and he ahd to be in the NICU and has some developmental delays.

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    go to a hospital you might have to ignore what your midwife is telling you

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