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What are some of the causes and effects of popularity of fast food restaurants?


Yea Scarlett your answer had nothing to do with the question...

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    I agree with Hedy V. But I bet his answer didn't really help you. The bad things about FF would be, The food is low quality, loaded with fat and carbs, added perservatives. So obviously it's unhealthy. You could put in there that even though the cost of FF is so low that all the money you'll have to spend on diet plans to take off the weight of FF will out weigh the low price.

    There is the argument that FF takes away from the family time. Like Hedy said, people used to make meals and sit around the table and talk and share their day. No mom drives though MD or where ever and throws the bag in the back seat and tells everyone to eat while you get all your errands done before bed.

    I could make this argument. My husband and I have recently committed to getting out of debt. We have really started planning meals and making a shopping list. We used to just grab something here and there. We never had a plan. We would just drive through Taco Bell and be done with it. Even though you could say that FF is cheap, you end up spending more money than you did b/c you didn't plan your meals. For instance. We went to Taco Bell the other night. There was just two of us and we spend $14. We didn't get crazy stuff. Just 2 regular meals and spent $14. Last night we cooked a chicken on the grill cost around $5. We also cooked 2 cans of green beans which cost around $2, and 2 cans of red beans which cost another $2. So our total meal was around $12 with tax. So we ate that for dinner and we had enough left over to take with us to work to eat for lunch. If we would have gone to FF we would have spent $28 for two meals. By cooking we spent $12 for two meals.

    Ok, so I know I rambled on, but I was trying to give you some talking points. Hope any of this helped.

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    (Either Scarlett is selling this tea or she just wants to brag about losing weight!) Anyway, I'm old enough to remember when the first McDonald's opened in our town, many years ago. And that was just the first wave of the tsunami of fast food restaurants. Until then, mom stayed home and had dinner on the table at 5 and we all talked about our day. Then, the closest thing we had to fast food was a tv dinner that came in an aluminum tray. No microwaves. We had a garden. Dad and my brothers would go hunting and fishing for entertainment and we would eat their bounty. This was the 50's and 60's. Life just got faster. Mom was tired of being the maid and went to work outside the home. Women in society needed a change. They were tired of being labeled and told what to do by the man of the house. The TV show Mad Men is right on the mark. Children's attitudes were changing too. We didn't believe our parents or the government. We were breaking out of the mold. It was easier and more fun to grab a burger with your friends, than meet at home. Supply and demand is the basis of the popularity of FF restaurants and great advertising. The effects are terrible. Obesity, illnesses, just to name some of the physical problems. I go to restaurants regularly, but avoid the FF ones. I'll be interested in other answers and opinions.

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    Convenience is, I think, the most obvious cause of popularity. People don't always have time to prepare a meal, but even when we do have time, we enjoy the convenience of not having to.

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