How can I plan a ball for a fundraiser?

I'm trying to go to costa rica on spring break. It's a mission trip with my college. But, I need to raise $1500. I feel bad about just asking people for money, so I decided to do a fundraiser.

I wanted to hold a ball. I have the space (the church gym) but that's about it. What do I serve? what kind of music? How much will this cost? I NEED HELP!!!

oh and by the way, Im hoping to have this around new years (like the saturday before new years)

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    Think about what crowd you want to be there and what type of people are most likely to show up (age group), unfortunately you will have to consider who may pay to show up if your point is the fund raising.

    Once you decide on your "target" group, then choose your decorations, snacks (don't think about feeding them a full meal, concentrate on snacks you can get your "helpers" to make cookies or anything easy and just be sure to have enough drinks available for the amount of people you expect) and music. Have some helpers available that are dedicated to make it happen.

    I agree, having the right place is the biggest hurdle. Who are the biggest supporters of that location itself that are most likely to want to participate and see you achieve......that may be a good start.

    ALSO, if it is a fund raiser you may be able to go to some local businesses as well and ask for donations (items or gift certificates) for a raffle of some sort. Businesses are always looking for ways to get free advertisement this way, it is easier then you may think, but it is a little time consuming and your date is just around the corner.

    And lastly, check out what is already on the community calendar for the date you have in mind as to not to "compete" with too many other events people may want to go to.

    good luck!!!

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    mmk you have the space, which is the most important thing. next, you need to plan WHEN you are going to have it. my idea would be to ask your friends if they are free that day to make sure you'll have at least them there. then make flyers and pass them out to whoever you want to come and tell them to tell a friend, or 10 friends. lol. then you might want to ask a friend to help you with decorations. pick a theme and decorate accordingly make a big sign to go out front so people know about it. even post flyers arounf town to advertise. then get a dress and show up! its a little harder than it sounds but you can handle it. good luck!!

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