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how do doctors prescribe medicine?

how do they go about doing that

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    They examine you to figure out what's wrong with you. Then they write you a prescription for the medication that they think will best treat your condition. Most offices will print off a piece of paper for you (or send the prescription to your pharmacy electronically) so that you can go pick up your medicine.

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    Doctors prescribe medicine based on the history and physical examination of the patient plus some laboratories. The doctor will weigh the benefits vs. the risk of the drug he wants to give. This isn't much of a problem these days as many of the meds we give are relatively safe. Side effects are few and rare contrary to what some people say. Some other factors such as price are also considered. He then gives the patient the prescription. Ta-dah!

    P.S. Remind the MD about how to take the medication, possible adverse and side effects, and what to do once the medications are over.

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