Can a performance chip really increase HP?

Can a performance chip really increase HP? If so what, would be a good one that won't make the car run rich.

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    Actually, it achieves it by making the car run LEAN.

    Which inevitably damages your engine. Huge cost to fix.

    Put it this way, the vehicle is tuned optimally, from the factory. In order to gain anything above that, you must sacrifice something else.

    In this case, you sacrifice reliability.

    If you want an electronic to increase fuel mileage, get a full EMS, which would allow you to properly tune your fuel usage.

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    asst_emmc is correct about lean vs. rich. Be aware that chips vary widely because they are basically software and they are only as good as the programmer / tuner that modifies them. Everything in a car is a compromise of some sort and the tune is no exception. Cars come from the factory with a lot of that compromise leaning towards driveability and fuel economy efficiency. Chips can lean these compromises towards maximum performance with some loss of the efficiency and other attributes. How much loss depends on the particular chip. Try to find some existing customers for the chip you're considering and make sure that it has been reliable and they are happy with it. Keep the old one in case you need it for emissions tests or when you sell the car.

  • Functional chips DO NOT lean the mixture, they typically enrich it. They do provide some increase but will probably fail an emissions test. Which chip works well largely depends on the car and what others mods are done. SLR is *not* a functional chip, BTW...

    Source(s): Personal experience of twenty+ years and research on ECM chip mods.
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    Rather than mess with stuff that will shorten the life of your car why not simply trade in for a higher performing vehicle?

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    onev other thing to say make sure your car is not under any warranty cause adding chip or aftermarket ecm,bcm will void car man. warranty

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