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What should my friend do?

okay so my friend is going out with this guy, rob, and she still likes her ex boyfriend,chad, well chad is going out with a girl now and chad and rob are best friends. but my friend doesnt know wat to do because she always talks to both of them on the phone and texts them all the time and rob knows that she likes his best friend. when she talks to rob she likes him and only him but went she talks to chad she only likes him. i dont know wat to tell her she loves two guys and they both love her back except shes dating one and the other is taken. what should she do??


by the way her ex told her that he does still like her to

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    She needs to decide who she really wants to be in the relationship with and who she wants to be friends with. Her ex is already in a relationship and the guy she is with is her ex's best friend I think she should figure this out soon cause it probably won't end good if doesn't. I know she probably likes the attention of the 2 guys but that's not right especially cause they are friends. Does her ex want her back or is that her just thinking so? Lots of luck!

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    stick with the one she is with, ones taken dont lead him on.

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