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I had my 34 weeks appointment today and have a few questions?

She checked me for dialation already because I have high stress but said my cervix was still thick and closed. Should I consider this good or bad? Good because hopefully I wont go into preterm labor or bad because it means nothings progressing and I'll probably go overdue? I'm just curious I know its still early and all but I'm miserable. I have horrible anxiety which has caused some depression latley. I also was curious.. Should I be worried that I sleep all the time? I wake up tired, take a nap, wake up tired again, go to bed tired, wake up and do it all over again I dont know how I'm going to get through the day Thursday (Thanksgiving!) Is this normal? Should I avoid sleeping so much?

Thanks I'm 34 weeks pregnant and don't have to tell me twice.. I know I'm paranoid. lol. I'm just so over being pregnant :( I'm uncomfortable, feel like a zombie, and as scary as it sounds I probably look like one too! Thanks again


Also, when she checked me she said she felt her head, does that mean she has dropped or is just head down? Sorry I'm soo new to this if you can't tell lol.

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    You're perfectly normal.

    My doctor didn't even check me until I was about 37 weeks, and at that I was 75% effaced. So you're fine... Consider it good I'd say. It means you're baby is still chillin-- You can progress so fast, that this shouldn't really be a worry. I understand though, you want that baby out! My cousin had the luck that just the exam put her into labor a few hours later--- Me, nah. -l0l- But you're perfect. Don't worry about that. You still have some time.

    I slept all the time!! I never reached the nesting stage. Haha. Even though my husband was hoping I would. -l0l- Don't be worried about that either. Your body has a big task coming up and it's just resting for all the work it's going to have to do. Totally normal! If you're tired, I'd say sleep! :)

    I'm not sure about the head dropping thing, I think it just means that the baby is head down, which is great!!

    Being pregnant can suck. -l0l- I was so miserable as well. Why don't you go do something for yourself. Pamper yourself. Have your mom or friend go with you to the spa. It'll get your mind off the ick part of pregnancy and it'll make you feel better. If you don't want to spend the money, have someone you know paint your nails... Glam yourself up. Plus, you want good looking nails for if you do go into labor... :) But nah, I was totally like you. Hating it! Haha. It'll be over soon. You're doing perfect.

    Good luck!

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    Well, from the sounds of it, this is your first pregnancy. You usually will not start to progress until later in the pregnancy, 38 or 39 weeks, when it is your first. The reason being is because your body has not done this before, so its a little tougher for the baby and your body to get your cervix to open thin out and dilate. I know exactly how you feel though. I'm sure you consider it a bad thing that nothing is happening because you are done with being pregnant and want that baby, but the fact that nothing is happening is really not good or bad.

    As for you being so tired, take advantage of being able to sleep now. This is just a way of your body preparing you for the endless nights where you may not be able to sleep because your little "bundle of joy" decides he or she wants to stay awake.

    Also, the fact that your doctor can feel the baby's head means he or she has moved to the head down position in preparation for birth. This is the right time for that to happen, but does not necessarily mean that the baby has moved into the canal. I am actually 35 weeks pregnant and my doctor can't believe how low the baby's head is and I'm only 2 centimeters dilated. The advantage of the head being down low is that it should make your labor a little quicker and easier.

    Good luck to you!

    Source(s): Mommy of 2 and 35 weeks pregnant with #3
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    Well those are good signs that you won't go into preterm labor. There is no real way at this point though to say whether or not you will go past your due date. You could have been thick and closed yesterday and be 2 cm dilated next week. It can happen quickly, or slowly. It all depends on your baby and your body. I feel your pain about being tired and being ready to be over it, I amm 33 wks and would love to just curl up and sleep all day but with three toddlers i find that i don't have much time for that. Take it easy on turkey day. If you are going somewhere else for it, such as in laws or your families, don't push yourself. Sit and watch them prepare the meal, or offer to do stuff while you sit, pass on doing the dishes. You are running out of time to relax and in six weeks you will have your hands full with a new baby and everyone should understand that.

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    At 34 weeks it's GREAT that nothing is progressing. You don't want progress now you want to keep your baby in and let it gain some weight. I'm 35 weeks along and fear it's going to be sooner than later. I don't know about the head dropping things, but at least it's not breech in case you do go early. Also- being tired is normal but it sounds like you are excessively tired!!! You are probably too stressed and aren't getting a good sleep. Try deep breathing and meditation. Get out and take a walk and relax. Do some things for yourself that will be difficult to do in a few weeks when your baby is here. Try NOT to nap all the time if it's not helping and try the suggestions above.

    Source(s): Mommy to Abigail Paige- ETA Dec. 22nd via c-section or before on her own accord.
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    If you are only 34 weeks and your cervix is still closed, yes that is good.

    You are considered 'full term' at 37 weeks.

    If you go over 40 weeks, they will induce you before too long.

    Your baby may have dropped as you are 34 weeks, but that is normal and a good sign. Your baby is not breech (butt first) and you should have an easy delivery.

    No, don't avoid sleeping.. it helps you fill in the days and remember - there won't be much sleeping when the baby comes.

    I am 39 weeks and 1 day pregnant and am trying to sleep as much as possible.

    It is good you probably wont go into preterm labour and no, it is not bad at all that you are not dilating yet - just to recap all i have just said.


    congrats and goodluck


    Source(s): me.. 39 weeks and 1 day pregnant =]
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    Ok, breathe. lol. I'd say at 34 weeks closed and thick is good. And it doesn't mean you'll go over. Some women start dilating at 30 weeks and go over, some don't dilate until 38 and progress very quickly. I'd say her feeling baby's head means that she is head down, not necessarily that she's dropped. It's a good sign either way.

    On the depression, have you talked to your doc about it? I suffer from depression too and am anxious to get this guy out of me so I can start meds and counseling for it. Be sure to let your doctor know about the depression but I'd avoid taking meds until after baby is here. Good luck and it will be fine.

    Source(s): 29 weeks with baby boy #2.
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    They won't let you go too passed due. Mine was 10 days late. They induced. Its ok to be tired. You need to rest. I wasn't tired in the beginning of my pregnancy, only the end because I stopped working. You have 6 more weeks..don't worry about your cervix. Try not to stress, its not good for the baby.

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